This is always a personal journal. It is often hidden in innocent libraries. It can appear as an ordinary journal or diary from the outside. In the spine or binding there is always a tiny strip of metal that other components and symbols are attached. It is this addition that makes this special... only a master wizard could make such an item without that addition. Inside, it appears as a regular journal or as a blank book. It can show the reader what ever it wants, in terms of text or illustrations (if the person was artistic); sometimes even 'sucking the reader in' mentally speaking, so they experience a moment in the person's life. A pity you can only observe such events from the memory's point of view.

Embedded in the book is a 'MEMORY' a copy of the person at a certain age (usually the age or within a few years of the current age). This memory can show people what it wants, all in an attempt to make them do what it thinks is important (or has been told what is important by its maker).

Of course, if the memory is cunning enough, it can utilize the body of a reader who is 'lost in the experience'. Thus it can cause all sorts of mischief. However, it will always be careful as to not to reveal itself. If the person is tired, weak, and not mentally strong enough, the person could be 'displaced' by the memory permanently... (trapped in the back of their own head with the memory being in charge).

This is a great item for ensuring that you will be immortal. It is not tied to your soul, so it is independent of any 'retirement plan' activities you might take. It will ensure, that sometime in the future, you will live again. So be warry of reading some of the journals in the library's Special Collection.

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