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November 18, 2005, 2:59 pm

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Master WWMWBI ... or what would my world be if


What would my world be if…. This is a question that many GMs should ask. It will help them flesh out their world. This is a series of articles to expand upon the idea.

WWMWBI is the abbreviation for What would my world be if ...
What would my world be if…. What if questions.
..if Dragons were common?
.. if a World War occured?
.. if magic as your people know it stopped working?
.. if another peoples came to the shore of my known world?
.. if a diety died?
.. if someone invented movable type and the printing revolution began?

This is a type of thread I would like to see here.  By putting the distintive WWMWBI in the title of the thread, people will be able to find these intersting discussions. These discussions become resources for other GMs.

WWMWBI discussions have two parts.

The first is the general discussion of the ramifications of said event. These are the general things to think about or consider if XXX occured.   General Comments is what these are called.

The second is what would happen (or did or will happen) in your campaign world if XXX occured.  In my world is your chance to show us your ideas in action. 

To start a WWMWBI article, simply put
WWMWBI - The subject in the subject line
WWMWBI - Someone invented the printing press for example

Spiel a little about the subject in the first post, to explain what you want to see in the thread.

Then in the next post, give the general comments and what happened in your world if XXX happened.

Make sure to make the submission an article, with resource and GM clicked. Also remember to make it a scroll.

Traditionally, everyone’s post has two parts…
Comments General and In My World. These are often very short segments. Though down the line, there are just comments and questions.

This format is easy to do and helps make your posts a useful resource for future visitors to the site who will be intrigued by what you did (or thought might happen) if…..

See, simple.

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WWMWBI - Genuine Anagathics Were Available By: Scrasamax ( Articles ) Resource - Game Mastering

The desire for immortality is a common one, given our innate fear of death. We share the same desire for immortality of our characters. Potions of immortality are often fakes, while spells of unending life invariably turn the caster into a vampire, or a liche or some other evil creature.

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WWMWBI - Grain Went Away By: MoonHunter ( Articles ) Resource - Game Mastering

Imagine a blight that killed off the grasses and grains. This is not an unheard off event. Mutant spores, molds, and diseases have killed off a wide variety, even who classes, of plants in the real world. Something that kills off grasses, sounds like science fiction (and the premise has been used in many “end of the world” movies and stories), but it is very applicable to a fantasy world… especially because they are mostly agrarian.

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WWMWBI - If a New Form of Magic Occured By: MoonHunter ( Articles ) Resource - Game Mastering

Yesterday, new magic appeared upon your world. What happens next.

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WWMWBI - If Magic as Your People Know It Stopped Working? By: MoonHunter ( Articles ) Resource - Game Mastering

Magic should be just another form of technology, a means to do things.  In most games, it is nothing more than another weapon. Others utilize it as a tool of everyday life.

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WWMWBI - If Time Travel Were Possible? By: Chaosmark ( Articles ) Resource - Game Mastering

The stream of time can suddenly be breached. What happens now?

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WWMWBI - Invaders on The Shore By: Kinslayer ( Articles ) Resource - Game Mastering

... some invaders come full-force, and are a previous unknown to the current inhabitants.  Either way, the world will change.

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WWMWBI - Someone Invented a Printing Press By: MoonHunter ( Articles ) Resource - Game Mastering

“Mass Produced Books” was one of the most important shift points in history. This one invention profoundly effected all aspects of life, not only locally, but eventually the entire world.

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WWMWBI - There were no horses? By: Scrasamax ( Articles ) Resource - Game Mastering

Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.


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Comments ( 3 )
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Voted KendraHeart
December 27, 2005, 18:33
These are really hard to rate. As a series they are pretty darn thought provoking.
Voted manfred
September 26, 2007, 6:19
I can't put it down better than Kendra did. Great collection of thoughts and ideas of the "WHAT IF" kind.
Voted valadaar
September 26, 2007, 9:17
This is a good series of articals!

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