Full Item Description
It is a silvery mask of the kind worn to an upper class fancy dress masquerade ball. The light silver mask is in the style of the classic drama twins (comedy or tragedy). It is comedy mask - the smiling one. The eyes and mouth are obscured by a black gauze that can be seen through. It ties easily around the head and hangs comfortably.

Magic/Cursed Properties
The magic is subtle. It takes three solid presses in a row on the mask to activate (it could be done accidently but.....). If the mask is smiling it will copy the face beneath the mask, the base face. The mask will still smile until placed upon a target, and pressed three times against their face. The mask will then frown and the target\'s face will be stolen and they will have the copied face once the mask is removed (eventually the hair of the target will become the color, length, and style, of the base face's hair). The stolen face can be taken by donning the mask and pressing it three times (then the mask will smile again).

A marvelous tool to impersonate someone. A horrific tool if you don't know what is going on and accidently activate it.

Keep in mind, there is only one copy of a face at a time. This is not a duplicator, it is a swiper. So you need to keep your victim alive, if you want to get your face back.

Another enchantment that has been long known, but is morally questionable. Normally these items are a demonic gift, (give a soul, get an item), but they are in many an grimoire of a cultist.

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