Backgorund: Many generations ago, a madman named Vrin rose to power in the Western Lands. A student of the arcane and a brilliant warmaster, Vrin and his horde swept across the land destroying or capturing anything they came across. So fast and efficeint were Vrin's armies that it wasn't until the Central and South Lands fell that any notable resistance could be organized. A coalition was formed and the great armies of the North and East, and even those from the distant island nation of Engel with their mighty warships, set out to drive Vrin back and free those lands he had taken. The War of Ash, as it would be called by many historians, last almost six years. In the end, Vrin was pushed back into the Westlands. For the next several years, small skirmishes would break out along the border as Vrin's forces tried to force their way back out. Despite their great victory, the lands that had fallen under Vrin's rule were poor shaodws of their former selves and the remaining coalition armies were close to collapse. Something had to be done. It was then that Weyr, the Hero appeared. He carried with him a sword he claimed fell from the sky, a powerful and noble blade. With a small strike force he set out into the Western Lands, making his way to Vrin's fortress. Of the ten or so that went with him, only one returned. Before he succumbed to a poisoned wound he said that Weyr had killed Vrin with a single stab to the heart with his strange blade but in the process was wounded himself. No one knows what happened to Weyr and his sword, but the army of the Westlands soon fell into disarray without their leader and were easily overcome.

Now: The sword of Weyr has been found. A local farmer, while digging a new well, broke through into a small cavern. Inside he found a skeleton in old style battle armor and a sword, untarnished by the moisture and fungus in the cave. As he grabbed the sword, he heard a voice in his head which told him it was Weyr, his soul trapped in the sword. His work is not finished. Vrin was not slain, only wounded. His body lies in a state of suspended animation. The sword must be taken to the body and thrust back into the first wound it made and left or Vrin will one day heal and rise again.

DM stuff: The players can be hired to escort the poor farmer to find the body of Vrin. The sword will not allow anyone other than the farmer to touch it, causing intense pain to anyone who tries, and will only talk to the farmer. Once the body has been found and the sword thrust into it's heart, the truth will be revealed. The soul within the sword is not Weyr but Vrin. Vrin will immediately come back to life, his wound healed. He is weak but still a dangerous foe (treat him like a wizard/fighter class) and will flee if things don't go good and do everything to take the sword with him. I'll have more details on the sword later.

This is a pretty big quest that could keep players busy for a long time. Vrin is a powerful and dangerous foe that could cause a lot of trouble if he isn't stopped.


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