Full Item Description
The Locket is usually a quite good looking piece. It is suitable for a gift and special token of affection. It is of an average size and shape, so most painted minature portraits of the day will fit.

Like a number of items, this item can be any number of things. The only caveat would be that the item would need a secret or not so secret compartment that is difficult to open. In the Locket's case, there is a secret space behind one of the images.

Magic/Cursed Properties
The person given the locket will be inclined to wear it (a nature of the enchantment). The person who wears the locket will, over the space of a few weeks or months, become calmer, happier, and more passive. The Locket absorbs their will power, initiative, and drive (a tiny fraction of that energy empowers the spell in the locket). So eventually, the person become very passive, calm, and responsive to suggestions. At this point, they will be unable to resist mental spells and psionics.

The effects can be reversed, if you open the compartment holding the will power/ drive/ initiative of the target. The quickly will will return in the next day or three.

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