'My grandma, what big eyes you have...'
'The better to see see your pretty face, my dear'
'Grandma, what ears you have...'
'All the better to hear your lovely voice, my dear'
'Grandma, what big nose you have...'
'The better to smell your sweet perfume, my dear, come closer dear so I can taste, I mean see you better.'
Little Red Riding Hood slowly approaches her grandma. As Red Riding approached to within arms reach, Grandma leaned forward to give Red Riding a kiss, she removed her glasses and what did she see?!?!?! None other but the kings warden and axe in hand!
'Wolf, have you not heard, Red Riding left to college years ago and is married with 2 kids of her own, she has not come to Grandmother's house for 5 years now. What have you done with Grandma, for if it ismurder, the axe you will have.'
And the woodsman saw the grandma devoured by the sde of the bed and brought the axe to the imposter. As he took grandma's spectacles from the dead wolf, he thought for a moment it was a good thing he came today instead of the farmer's daughter, for surely she would not have been able to fend off the wolf. The glasses had worked just as Red Riding had said they would, when the ranger had spoken the words 'Thine eye see what my mind commit, when Red Riding I call comming, Red Riding will be seen.' After which he gave the lenses to grandma as a gift from Red Riding and from that day onward, anyone who approached the old lady and claimed to be Red Riding would be seen and heard as such.

How these spectacles came into the possesion of Little Red Riding Hoood is anyones guess, but the truth of the matter is that 'Little' red Riding Hood wasn't so little and had in fact been a student of a resident mage. Her poor grandma lived near the mage's garden and she would visti her old grandma near every day. As grandma got older she became senile and wondered where her Little Red Riding could be. Red Riding several years older still loved her grandma dearly but wished to go to magic academy. Though she was older to grandma she was still younger, and Little Red Riding she would be with a little help from Sorcery.
Simple illusions were fine when she was around, but what would she do when she could not be found. As fortune alwasy came to Red Riding, a pair of magic glasses she won while gambling. they were called the lenses of Llorn, and they had interesting powers when worn, for when the right words were spoken, the wearer might see one person but they would be mistaken!


Although in appearance they are nice spectacles of the kind good for both reading and seeing at arms length or more. They do correct vision regardless to range or affliction. The item was crafted by a an old mage in the not-so-distant past who began to lose his vision as he grew older. The thing he feared most was that he would no longer be able to see his beautiful wife as the young concubine of her youth, and he would no longer feel in love with her.
Despite his effort he was unable to make him nor his wife younger. His vision was failing though so he put to work at killing two birds with one stone. Day in and day out he worked and toiled, he feverishly inscribed, conscribed, chanted, decanted, invocated, evocated, and carried thru every trick he was proficient in or even heard about. After many days of labor and a liberal amount of patience from his wife, he spoke the words he had so carefully carved in this marvelous pair of spectacles he had fashioned. 'Thine eye see what my mind commit, when Veronica my wife appears, Veronica my bride will be seen.'
The mage tried his new lenses on, and they fit like a charm, and as he had planned evrything he now could see. His shelves were in sight, the valley was in view, and his writing was clear. Feeling a new man, he put on his best wardrobe, and dabbed on a drop of cologne.
Opening the door from the lab he strode proudly out to the garden, where his heart skipped a beat as he saw the same loving wife he had married many years before, tears came to his eyes, at the wonderous sight, but alas the woman he saw was not the woman he loved, but the one she had been many years ago. Tossing his lenses aside the familiar face of the woman he loved returned and he ran to his caring wife Veronica.

Magical Properties:

Wearers of the Lenses of Llorn are granted 20/20 vision. Assuming they have some form of vision to begin wiht, it will cure poor vision, but not any form of blindness.
Futhermore if the words 'Thine eye see what my mind commit' which are inscribed on the arms on the spectacles are soken aloud and followed by a condition in such a manner 'When X appears' or 'When the Y is heard' or somethign similar and followed by 'Z will be seen' a powerfull illusiary Dweomer will take hold.
From that moment on the wearer of the glasses will cease to see or hear the person mentioned in the first condition and will instead see them as they would the second.

The danger is that the illusion is so powerful and complete that after the glasses have been waorn for some time, the image of the original will be forgotton and only the illusion will remain. Confronted with the original the wearer will be confused and assume foul.

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