1. GA-1 LawMaster

A heavy submachine gun, the GA-1 is a slab sided intimidating piece of weaponry. The gun is SmartGun capable, has a compartmentalized magazine that can smart load up to 4 different types of ammunition. The gun itself is a 'ChemRail' utilizing a magnetically accelerated barrel and conventional ammo, allowing for it to act as a conventional gun, or activate the magnetic assist to make even mundane rounds semi-armor piercing. This is a popular weapon in Police series, which more resemble urban westerns than legal procedurals.

2. GA-70 Long Arm

The Long Arm, a reference to the Long Arm of the Law, is a long barrel automatic rifle that has a much larger ammo capacity and longer range than the LawMaster. The Long Arm is also a ChemRail type, but it doesn't have a barrel assist off mode. Anything that warrants bringing out the heavy artillery warrants using the weapon at full power. These weapons are held in arsenals, and are issued to Special Action Teams.

3. GA-187A Jury

The Jury is a police action combat shotgun. It is a heavy weapon with a short barrel, semi-automatic fire, and the option to use a 7 round clip, 50 round drum, or to be belt fed from a backpack. The Jury is a magnetic shotgun and is normally used to fire smoke rounds, door cutters, anti-robot slugs, and crowd dispersal rounds. It is commonly depicted as a weapon used in riots and by loose cannon cops. In truth, it is uncommonly used as the firepower is generally more than a situation warrants.

4. GA-11-SS Super Squirter

The Super Squirter is a squirt gun that used electrically compressed air to discharge a stream of irritant or sedative liquids for controlling and dispersing crowds. If the pressure is turned to high, the weapon produces an atomized spray, cutting the range by 75%, but producing a cone shaped area of attack. These are usually used in high profile operations where collateral damage and casualties aren't acceptable. They are almost never used outside of Arcos and other enclosed spaces.

5. Anderton A1 Stun Baton

A light powered melee weapon, the AI stun baton combines the take down power of the good old stick in the gut with the incapacitating power of a TASER. Stun batons are used for quick and hard take downs in close quarters situations. It is not effective against armored or ablative protected opponents, and a fast handed foe can turn a stun baton against the officer carrying it. These are common implements

6. Anderton CZ-55 Doorcutter

The Doorcutter is a small powered melee weapon, effectively a high speed buzzsaw mounted on a swingable handle. THe Doorcutter is normally used to cut through door bolts and hinges, hence it's name. It is also used as a lethal melee weapon that can amputate limbs with ease, and slash up robots and augments effectively. Outside of police forces, these are known as vampire axes since they have a weird habit of being used to hack into people's necks.

7. AAG Dauntless Body Armor

The Dauntless Body armor is a standard light armor suit with ferroplastic plates and a standard issue encounter suit sheath under it. This provides the average street police officer with armor protection comparable to a light armored vehicle from the petroleum era. The armor is stylized with the symbols of the department and rank of the officer it is assigned to. The pieces are modular, allowing damaged pieces to be replaced or upgraded as needed.

8. AAG R-9 Riot Shield

Largely identical to a corporate riot shield, the AAG R-9 is emblazoned with the logo of the security company, and the front layer can be energized to act as a 'stun shield' when knocking opponents back. The shield can be used one handed, and has a brace point where a weapon can be propped across it, allowing for shield and cover fire at the same time.

9. AAG R-17 Fortress Shield

A large tower shield, the R-17 can fully conceal a power armor trooper and provide armor and cover for the officer. The Fortress shield is made from military grade material and can stop almost all known infantry sized anti-armor weapons, and can stop light and medium grade vehicle mounted weapons. These were designed to deal with rogue military grade robots and paramilitary forces who go rogue.

10. Greiger GX-10/35 Dreadnaught Power Armor

The GX-10/35 is a police version of a conventional infantry power armor, with the addition of an over the shoulder spotlight, bass cannon acoustic device (loudspeaker) and almost 60% more armor. Where the conventional armor trooper is tough, the Dreadnaught is tank like. This allows officers deployed in these suits to ignore small arms fire to the point where it is no longer considered an aggressive act. Lines of Dreadnaught equipped officers carrying shields can present an 'immovable object' phalanx in crowd and riot control situations.

11. Grieger GX-10/79 Minister Power Armor

The Minister is a large an imposing power armor, technically venturing into the uncommon realm of Avatars, power armors that blur the line between armor and light mecha. The pilot sits entirely in the torso of the Minister, and drives it like a 10 ton mech. The Minister is heavily armed and has two hardpoints for mounting non-lethal weaponry like chemical sprayers, acoustic devices, communications rigs, The machine is used to deal with breaking into fortified positions, facing heavily armed terrorists and organized crime syndicates, and in ceremonial police duties. The presence of Ministers is seen as a show of force for law enforcement agencies.

12. Grieger GZ-10/559 SkyMaster

The Skymaster power armor is a light model that is fitted with a full duty flight pack, including an A-pod core and laser plasma jets. This makes the Skymaster fast as far as jump armors go, but it does this at the cost of armor and firepower. The Skymaster has no integrated weaponry, and thin armor. It is commonly used in chase and recon operations, as well as emergency rescue operations. SkyMasters are incredibly common on police entertainment feeds, but are rarely actually used as they require extensive training, and have a high mortality rate among users.

13. P-279 Eagle

The Eagle is a patrol pod designed for police work, and fits a single operator. The operator has a full flight capable VTOL craft powered by a single A-pod. The craft has communications systems, three hardpoints for mounting equipment, and is specifically not a combat rated vehicle. Eagles are used more often that SkyMasters, as it is easier to pilot, and can carry more recon and surveillance equipment. With it's bubble shaped canopy and scaffold like wings it is a decidedly unsexy craft and entertainment feeds are allergic to it.

14. P-6010 AeroCruiser

The AeroCruiser is a police issue kaze, and can hold two officers plus four detained subjects or a 1000 lbs of gear and equipment. AeroCruisers, or Spinners, are popular police vehicles, allowing law enforcement to sortie from the safety of the arcologies and skim across the tops of the favelas and urban sprawl without being trapped in the streets. The AeroCruiser is unarmed, but has an armored bottom and sides, and officers can deploy their weapons through panels in the doors.

15. P-19/75 AeroWagon

The AeroWagon, or SpinWagon, is a large Kaze that is used for moving larger number of people or detainees, and is synonymous with the 'Paddy Wagon' of older police motorpools. The AeroWagon has a crew of two officers, can carry up to twenty passengers or 5000 lbs of cargo. These wagons are used in riot actions, deploying SWAT forces, power armor police, and so forth. They have only minimal armor and are unarmed, and not intended for fighting use.

16. P-19/75 II Dragon

Built on the same chassis as the AeroWagon, the Dragon has larger engines, has medium grade armor, and the ability to mount multiple weapon systems. It can carry 3000 lbs or cargo or five power armor troopers, or a single Minister unit. Dragons are used to drop officers in contested areas and remain to offer air support or rescue as needed.

17. Gotham Class Aerostat

Aerostats are uncommon, but the Gotham Class Aerostat is one of the most recognizable. The 50 meter long Gotham can be towed into position over a troubled part of a city or urban region and operate as a remote HQ allowing local law enforcement to have a sky hub above them. This facilitates the movement of smaller craft like spinners and eagles, as well as providing communications, surveillance, and the ability to loiter over an area almost indefinitely. The Gotham, and the 10 meter larger Gotham II are common in major urban areas with large sprawls and gang activity.

18. Academy Class Police Frigate

The Academy is a police carry-all that is designed to loiter over troubled urban areas, where it can land, deploy large numbers of police officers and wojeks as needed. It can also carry power armor, and almost anything else in the arsenal. It requires a crew of fifty to operate, has a number of assault pattern turrets on the side and bottom of the craft, and the top can function as a mini-field for flying craft. Academy craft are fairly common in the largest cities, and function as mobile police precincts and if damaged, can land and operate as citadels.

19. Constable Class Police Frigate

The Constable Frigate is a dedicated police ship and is capable of short range space flight. Constables are typically used to protect urban airspace where military ships are excessive. The Constable shares almost all of the Academy's abilities, but is somewhat larger, and is armed with several naval grade weapons for dealing with errant ships. The Constable is used around the Atlantic Federation, and is the bane of smugglers and silk road traders.

20. AR-002 Carlyle Wojek

The wojek is a common piece of police gear, autonomous police troopers. The AR-002 is a very popular model, being large and blocky, intimidating looking, and smart enough to take care of itself, but dumb enough to do what it is told by authorized personnel. The units are more commonly known as 'Carls' or Linebackers, and they are used accordingly in a heavy handed fashion. They have integrated armor, the ability to use all LawMaster equipment except power armors and mecha.

21. AR-006 Shadow Wojek

The Shadow is a sleek almost humanoid wojek with a high end cortex and enhanced firearms, melee, and tool using skills. Shadows are used in detective and intelligence gathering roles where blocky wojeks stick out, and human assets cannot be risked. The knife like shadow is often seen in Internal Affairs, and normal police and even other wojeks intensely dislike Shadow units.

22. AR-5 Sentinel Wojek

The Sentinel is a heavy duty heavy armored wojek that trades legs for a set of caterpillar treads. It, unlike other wojeks, has a power core and not battery packs. This gives it exceptional range, and the ability to use a shoulder mounted beam weapon. This gives it low energy weapons, like flame cannons, stun beams, lasers, etc, as well as having both arms free for mounting more weapons, shields, and so forth. In the worst of riot and civil uprisings, a line of Sentinels, studded with Ministers and Dreadnaughts presents a line that even a military unit would be hard pressed to break through.

23. AR-2000 Wyatt

The Wyatt is a 12 foot tall pod-walker strider with an armored carapace and enclosed cockpit. The Wyatt is heavily armed and is a borderline military in it's design. Like the Minister, the Wyatt is overkill. Unlike the Minister, which is a power armor/demi mech, the Wyatt is a vehicle that handles accordingly. The Wyatt has barrel like gun arms, and the ability to mount multiple extra weapon systems. It is in truth a military vehicle that failed to get a military contract, as it was routinely outperformed by the more expensive and more sophisticated machines like avatar armors and anti-armor warfare.

24. GA-66 Razor

The Razor is a hover bike that has ground effect wheels allowing it to roll in a low energy, low power mode, as well as being able to engage a hover mode, depending on the situation. The bike has a forward armored cowl, a terrain scanning auto-drive mode with combat computer. The image of the officer astride a Razor with their LawMaster SMG drawn is iconic to police dramas.

25. Hammurabi Series X

The Hammurabi series anti-crime computer is considered a solid state system, and present in most major cities. A single Hammurabi has the ability to coordinate the actions of over 250 wojeks and an equal number of police units or patrol vehicles. Most major cities will either be invested in a higher end anti-crime system, or will have a network of these computers.

26. Mobile Precinct

Based off the design of the Pre-Con tactical base, the Mobile Precinct is an air-mobile police station. The standard model is a command center with the rest of space divided between detention cells and facilities to support police action away from other HQs. A MP will be supported by air assets, and are only deployed in the worst situations, either riots or natural disasters.

27. LawMaster Cybernetics

The LawMaster company has a catalog of basic cybernetics and prosthetics that are off the shelf solid state that would make a Grainger catalog look like light reading. These are used for treating injured officers who need to have limbs or body parts replaced. There is everything needed from replacing a missing finger down to taking an officer 'Full Metal'.

28. LawMaster BioGenics Clone

The LawMaster Clone Codex includes a large number of different clone lines for police service. The use of police clones is in decline, as wojeks are proving themselves a better investment, and there are fewer social and legal issues around robotics than around the creation and use of clones. The BioGenics lines remain in use, as there does remain a demand for warm bodies, where machines are not as welcome.

29. Police Utility Dropship

The Utility Dropship is a conventional surface to orbit capable light craft, similar in size and payload to the AeroWagon. The craft is used in tandem with the Constable frigate, and performing short range duties like prisoner transfers and such where a semi-ballistic transport is better than a conventional transport. The utility transport is unarmed, and only has shielding and armor enough to handle atmospheric reentry. Most police departments dislike the dropship, considering it a massive turkey requiring excessive maintenance and that it is completely vulnerable.

30. PK-6 Peacekeeper

The Peacekeeper is a 40 ton security mech, The mech has light military grade armor, and is armed exclusively with anti-personnel weaponry, including cluster grenade launcher, multiple machine guns, and integral MASER crowd dispersal units and acoustic deterrents. The mech has hands and power hook ups allowing it to pick up and use self contained mecha weaponry like autocannons and beam weapons. Peacekeepers have a terrible track record, and are as often associated with grotesque abuses of power as they are with critical failures during crises.

Author's Notes

There are a number of movies dealing with high end high power police departments and the futuristic dystopian worlds they patrol. This lists draws heavily on these sources and I will give credit where credit it due.

Judge Dredd and Dredd - the ludicrous gats, bikes, a highly engaging visual appeal, and MegaCity 1 is straight up Arcoplex plus staggering urban sprawl full of gangbangers and heavy ordinance.

Elysium and Chappie - two Blompkamp vehicles full of autonomous police robots, and more ludicrous gats and gear.

Demolition Man - a futuristic police department facing a retrocriminal

Total Recall - more robot cops, the new version

RoboCop - this list would not be at all possible without RoboCop.

Also: this is a staggeringly heavy arsenal for a police department, any police department to have. Warships (even if they are small), robot armies, smartguns, mecha? For shits sake? Am I right? There is a three-fold reason for this. The criminals and rogue elements in the Cosmic Era include robots, rogue parapsychics, genetic mods, and terrorists domestic and foreign. Secondly, the nature of the Cosmic Era with its enclosed megastructures requires stability and order and that feeds a police state. Finally, the Cosmic Era is a place of cosmic horrors and in the case of a Dimensional Fatigue Event, the first responders to a bug hunt or demonic incursion are the local law enforcement agencies. In this situation, it helps if the Mayberry police department has the firepower it needs to respond, to contain the horror, or stall it long enough for Reflex Teams and military assets to arrive.

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