The name Squirt gun brings to mind the brightly colored plastic water pistols and guns used by children. The militarized version of the water gun looks very much at home with more contemporary weapons like pulse rifles, lasers, and magnetic weaponry.

The Squirt Gun

The squirt gun is a large group of weapons that deliver a pressurized stream of liquid accurately at relatively close range. The purpose of the weapon is for non-lethal operations, or operations in areas with conventional firearms and weapons cannot be used. The weapons have a generally short range, generally 30 meters at the most. They are highly vulnerable to strong winds, and as they spray liquid have neither penetration nor stopping power. The real advantage of the system comes from the large number of chemicals that a squirt gun can use as 'ammo'. Most Squirt guns use compressed gas as a propellant, though in emergency situations, most have a hand pump option to build pressure.

Ammo Types

Cobra Venom - not actual cobra venom, but a manufactured chemical. CV causes temporary blindness and potential paralysis.

Mace/Pepper Spray - delivered in an accurate stream, mace or pepper solutions are effective at causing extreme irritation of the mucus membranes.

Tear spray - a liquid form of tear gas, tear spray quickly evaporates into a gaseous state, but is very effective for targeted anti-insurgency attacks.

Nausea Juice - a highly offensive chemical concoction, similar to a stink bomb. Being hit with a decent amount of the aromatic compound is usually enough to induce vomiting and strong nausea.

Lybrium solution - similar to being sprayed with liquid tranquilizer, an effective load for troublesome but not necessarily violent protestors or rioters.

Fluorescent Dye - used to provide a long lasting chemical marker to identify people who were involved in an incident. This dye can even be UV in nature, invisible to the target, but clearly visible to a camera or robot.

Adhesive - liquid glue, this fast drying liquid is used to physically detain foes, or to slow them down. Caution should be used because a shot to the face can cause suffocation, blindness, and death.

Incendiary - A flammable liquid, but requires an outside spark to ignite. Typically used as an accelerator on an existing fire, or against a target smoking a cigarette.

Corrosive - requires special linings for squirt gun, shoots a stream of concentrated acid. Damage depends on the actual acid being used, and while conventional acids are not going to anime/cartoon style melt faces, 'special' acids can be manufactured for this purpose. This includes organic enzymes that work in a similar fashion.

Neurotoxin - fast acting, skin soluble, and lethal, neurotoxin is used in assassination and covert ops where firearms would be too risky or obvious.

Custom Drugs - with the pharmacological wizardry of the Cosmic Era, there is no reason for there to not be stranger variants of squirt gun ammo. Orgasm juice, liquid diarrhea inducer, hallucinogen spray, and the only limit is the imagination.

Squirt Gun

The basic squirt gun is pistol sized and has anywhere from one to six shot capacity, and a 10 meter accurate range. The weapon can be made entirely from plastic, and is easily concealed from casual searches. The weapon has a single reservoir, and cannot mix different chemicals. It uses a clip that has a fluid container, and a compressed gas cylinder, making reloading relatively easy.

Squirt Rifle

Similar to the basic gun, the rifle is larger, and can have a ten to twenty shot capacity, and a 30 meter accurate range. Like the pistol, the rifle cannot mix chemicals, and utilizes a compressed gas and chemical reservoir in a self contained clip.

Squirt Gat

The Squirt Gat combines a carbine like rifle configuration with a backpack mounted reservoir and microcompressor. This allows for an ammo capacity measured in the hundreds of shots, and with an onboard compressor and air capacitor, range for sniping shots be be dialed in at 50 meters, or it can be turned down to shorter range for a greater rate of fire. Squirt gats are typically used for crowd control and riot suppression.

Squirt Cannon

Mounted on a vehicle or carried by power armor troopers, the squirt cannon is an area effect weapon, and is used exclusively for riot and crowd control. It has moderate range, but fires a gallon or more of chemical with each shot. Vehicles mounting a cannon and a chemical container can have functionally unlimited ammo, or use various chemicals fire hose style. It is more common for these to use actual water under higher pressure for knock down effect, but there is no reason that they could not use the above mentioned chemicals.

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