This is an evolving idea for a game of dice.

Object of the Game
Two players each having three six sided dice. The object of the game is to roll a minimum of ten on the dice but also rolling higher than your opponent’s total. All three dice can be used to add to get the final total; however, Doubles count as double points. More explained later.

Pots and the Winner
There are two pots, a betting pot and a Side Pot. The betting pot is for the initial ante-up and the continued raising of the bet after each roll. The side pot is a set amount agreed on by both players at the beginning of the game. The winner of the round takes the betting pot as their prize. The side pot is explained later.

Each player will ante-up a certain amount of coins before even the first die is rolled. Once that is placed each player will secretly roll one die. They will then bet on this die a number of coins of their choosing but can never bet more than double the number of pips facing up.

e.g. if the player rolls a three on his or her first roll, they can put a number of coins from one to six in the pot but not more than six. This is more of a tactical bet as it is used to try and force your opponent to miss read your first die and confuse the first bet. If you bet low it could mean that you rolled very low, or that you are trying to make your opponent think you rolled low but actually rolled much higher.

Once the betting is down, another die is rolled. This one is rolled in secret as well but will be revealed after the bets are complete. The same betting process begins again. The players’ will add both dice together and bet within their new betting range never betting more than double. Once the bets are down, and before any more actions are taken, one of the opponents may opt to Buy Out.

If no buy out was called, or the buy out is complete. The players reveal their second die and roll their final die. A final bet is made and when all bets are in the betting pot, the dice are revealed and tallied. The winner has the highest roll over ten. If a tie happens then the winner is the player with the highest rolled die, or a forth die is rolled to settle disputes.

Buy Out
Only one player can opt to do a buy out. The player declares their choice to do a buy out and adds another coin to the betting pot. They reveal one of their two dice they have already rolled and they then choose one of their opponents dice. If the pips on their die are the same or more than on their opponents die they then win and ‘Buy Out’ their opponents die keeping their own. They also get to take their opponents Side Pot as a reward. Should the loose, their opponent gets to keep their own side pot and take their opponents as well. Some have called it a restitution reward for being called out for having a low die.

If they win, their opponent only has one die now and they have two, making it easier for them to win. Should the opponent have more pips on the chosen die then the player who attempted the buy out loses their die and their side pot. It is risky but can mean the difference between possibly winning and a guarantee win.

When rolling the dice the attempt to get the highest number of pips possible is the goal. However, if doubles are rolled this increases the chance of winning. Any time a double is rolled, and this only works on doubles not triples, the total number of pips is considered doubled. If two 1 are rolled, then the total for those two dice are not 2 but 4. If two 3 are rolled, then the final total is 12 not 6. This is where the betting factor as well as the Buy Out option is important. Someone who rolls two 2 will be betting low but have a far better chance of sneaking past their opponent doing a buy out by claiming to have a lower number of pips than all total.

Side Pot
The side pot is an extra added bonus for those playing to gain money even if they loose. Each player will agree on a total before the first die is cast. When a player chooses to do a buy out, this pot is on the line. The winner gets to take their opponents side pot. Even should they loose, they have won a small portion of their funds back.

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