The only name she knows is Humanchild. She was abducted to Faerie when she was seven as a curiosity. After a time, the fae lost interest in her and she was left to fend for herself in the fae city of Caer Glengoran. Her clothing soon wore out and for many years she lurked, naked, fending for herself. She became psychic, able to see when bad (or good, although most were bad) things were about to happen. She learned to go invisible, to heal herself, to fly when touching a horizontal surface which allowed her to scurry across water, and to empathically sense other people. Once she found a belt knife and sheath but couldn't wear it without losing all her psychic abilities. It was as if she had suddenly gone blind and deaf, and she immediately abandoned the belt knife. Apparently all of her psychic abilities were only active when she was nude.

After many years, one of the fae, for reasons known only to it, returned her to the mortal world. There, she continued to lurk, fending for herself as she had done for years in faerie. She came across the Endless Dream Journey and followed them around, longing for a place to belong, but afraid to try. One day, Qil'Vanaros noticed her. She vanished instantly as soon as she realized that she'd been seen, but he was interested. He focused the minor magics that he had learned over the centuries and found her again. He talked to her and tamed her skittishness until she was willing to try letting others see her as well.
Although apparently about twenty years old, she is small for her age, appearing like a sixteen year old girl. She is still very skittish, vanishing if things get rowdy or threatening. She appears shy, but is actually self-effacing. She speaks in a low voice and is very easily overridden by the talkative.
She is now the fortune-teller for the circus.
"Ladies and Gentlemen, Humanchild, the Waif from Fae, here to tell you your future!"
"How come she ain't got no clothes on?"
"She was lost in Faerie and had to fend for herself for many years. No clothing shops in Faerie! We all know that eating Faerie food does strange things to you. For her, she became psychic, but only while she had no clothes on. If she dresses, she loses her psychic abilities, it's like she went blind and deaf!
"So, who wants to know your future? Just one silver piece to know how your endeavors will turn out!"
"OK, here's my silver piece. Will I get the loan for my business?"
"No," she said in a low voice. "Your mother-in-law will move in with you and invest her savings in your business, but you will come to hate her for her bossy ways and nagging tongue, until you wish that you had stayed with your business as it was."
The man stands up and starts for the stage, amid laughter from the others. "Damn phony! I want my money back!"
Humanchild cowers back, then vanishes as the audience gasps in astonishment. Qil'Vanaros says, "Sorry. You paid to see the future. No refunds!"

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