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April 9, 2011, 12:58 pm

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The Fourth Era of Hewdamia


Right after the 1000 years of human prosperity, it all suddenly came crashing down. Mortals became cocky with the returned use of magic. They were soon tested with the arrival of Dubaku’s children. While he was long lost to history, his children finally awoke.

4th Era
1609A - 2615A : Flight of the Dragons
2650A - 2928A : New races all are found to be prospering
2930A - 3515A : Golden Age of Prosperity
3550A - present : Dark Uprising
4th Age : 4th Age, The Age of Darkness

Right after the 1000 years of human prosperity, it all suddenly came crashing down. Mortals became cocky with the returned use of magic. They were soon tested with the arrival of Dubaku’s children. When they arrived to the world they were small and frail, frightened creatures unsure of the world which their Father-God had sent them. They went into hiding to grow and learn and rest. For 2000 years they slept and grew, their unnatural bodies never needing food while they slept as they took it from their surroundings. They awoke in a land far different from their arrival but their needs were still the same. Across the world the children of Dubaku mated and gave birth to others. Over the next 1000 years they mated and birthed more of their kind unaware that on the other side of the world other sentient beings lived and died. After the 1000 years of their birthing cycle they went into hibernation again with their offspring falling suit.

And they slept for another 2000 years. When they woke up this second time however, the need for mating was there in the younger offspring, but the original children of Dubaku felt a need they never had before. It had been to long since they had heard the calling of their Father-God, so they went out to look for the answers to their questions. They looked everywhere for their Father-God and came to the conclusion that he was no longer here. The fact that he could be dead never came to their mind as they were nearly as eternal as the Gods. They raged and took this rage to the mortals that occupied the lands burning the land with their magical breath and devouring cattle and people alike.

To the mortals, these dragons seemed like the gods themselves come to the world. Their massive size and abilities defied anything they had every seen. Only when the Gods warred above had they witnessed such devastation. They fought back however, and while they didn’t push back the dragons they were still able to survive the onslaught. No one knows why the dragons finally stopped and returned to their homes. But as abrupt as it started, the flight of the dragons ended and they went back into their hibernation awaiting the next 2000 years for an answer from their father-god.

In the wake of the horrific flight of the dragons other races were found to have been prospering in different parts of the lands. In the south where the sea of desert and sand stretched for miles the Lemiean were found to have prospered and built cities of mud and brick as shelter against the hot sun and sand. In the boggy swamp lands to the south east the Sslassti, a sentient lizard like creature, was found to have built small tribal towns and found expanding to the surrounding areas. And to the north past the edge of the mountain range were found what appeared to be giants. These tribal clans were a very proud race and distrustful of any outsiders, yet friendly to those who proved trust. Later finding out that they were a half breed of human and gison, both races deny the claims.

With these three new races found a new time of prospering began with all races growing in this new period. For nearly 600 years this growth continued with advances in magic supplementing technology at every turn. This growth would come crashing to an end however when Sethalis’s children resurfaced and rose again against the mortals, this time they were not fighting for control over land and kingdoms but over Hewdamia itself. A new Age would begin with this Dark Uprising. The Age of Darkness.

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Comments ( 2 )
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Voted MoonHunter
November 10, 2005, 11:22
This one does not have the impact of the other ones. There seems to be less of detail and flow to this piece. Not your best work. If you edit it, I will update my vote (love that new feature in version 2.0)
November 10, 2005, 11:35
After speaking with Moonhunter I understand his reasoning. More will be forthcomming.

Any ideas are of course welcome.

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