3rd Era Lasted nearly 1600 years
0A - 310A : Ascension of the Gods
321A - 322A : Blood Winter
324A - 324A : 1000 Day Battle - Mil Batalo de Pekliberigo
400A - 600A : Return of Magic
610A - 1580A : 3rd Age, The Age of Humans

With nearly 1000 years of there being an absence of the Gods that fell in the war of the Gods, things began to change. No one knows why but a shift in the politics of the Gods came to startling events. The God Kasal began to see a problem in his realm beginning to arise. All the souls of the mortals who died came to him. This he assumed was because he had originally brought them here so they had a natural desire to return to what they thought was home. After speaking at length with them, only a few hundred years, Kasal came to an understanding on what was needed. A few of the souls had come to a point of growth where they were not content with living life as a mortal and felt the need to grow elsewhere. Where that place is no one knows. Now for most of the souls who are still attached to the living constantly requested to be born again to begin the cycle anew, but with all the souls that arrived Kasal could not keep up with the numbers before him.

After a few thousand years with all the number of wars and deaths that piled up because of them, Kasal was literally unable to send those who wanted to be born again and those who needed to move on. While pondering the fate of those souls still waiting in line to be sent on their proper way he new what he had to do and he began searching for his answer. He found it in the guise of a mortal named Syrin Berakas. It is assumed he was a human, but this is only speculation. This mortal man was selfless in all his actions and gave everything he had and more with the only request he had was for the person to pass on the favor to someone who needed it. His love of the natural world and its growth gave Kasal pause, in this world of selfish people and violence beyond imagination, here was a mortal who would just grin at someone who robbed or hurt him and offer anything he could to assist the person in their pursuit.

Then one day it happened, Syrin came across a small family being waylaid by robbers and tried to convince them to leave the helpless family alone while he took their place. They apparently agreed and took all his belongings and cursed when it was nothing of value. They ended up killing him, but not before they told him of their intentions with the family. The robbers took everything the family had then ended their lives alongside Syrin and left their bodies for the scavengers. Kasal saw this and immediately went to look for Syrin’s soul. He found his soul with the family of those who had died with him, apologizing that he could not have stopped the brigands. Kasal took him aside and gave him an option. To continue on with his life or to accept an offer from a God.

Kasal and Syrin talked for what seemed like years about what Kasal had to offer. When it was over, Kasal had done what no other God had done before. Using the essence of the Gods who had died in ages past he had elevated Syrin to Godhood. While Syrin was not as powerful as the other Gods, he had a very unique gift. He was able to bring life back to the world. The souls that were stuck in Kasals realm that were not yet ready to pass over were reborn with the help of Syrin, who then only called himself Berakas, as his mortal life was over he refused to be called by his mortal given name. A new era was being born with new souls being reborn into the world came new ideas come again from ages past.

Sethalis looked on this with a mix of wonder and fury. If Kasal could raise a mortal to Godhood, why couldn’t the rest of the Gods do the same? He was beginning to feel the pressure of the other Gods. They looked to him now every time something went wrong. Every time something stirred in the world that was not natural, they looked to him and blamed him for its beginning. He didn’t fear them, but after witnessing the death of the other Gods that arrived with him, he knew that he could be removed. And with this new event brought about by Kasal, he could apparently be replaced. So he took it on himself to fix the situation before the others could.

He searched day and night for years for someone like him. Someone with his ideals and his morals, or lack there of. What seemed like an instant to the Gods took decades to accomplish, but in the end the result was the same. He saw a mortal woman, beautiful and striking even to the immortal and impassive Gods. She commanded men and they obeyed. When she told them to sacrifice themselves for her they did. Her commands always came more and more deadly, more and more sinister until she was murdered in her bed by her enemies. Be fore her soul could go to Kasals realm however, Sethalis acted. He took her soul into the darkness and gave her a choice, forever be dead never to feel again or walk as a superior and become immortal. The two made a deal and then she chose the later. Sethalis instantly looked for the essence of Caedmon as he was the closest to the disposition that he wanted in this new God. And from then on Idehund was born of the Gods.

Idehund is the God of lies and confusion, a trickster among the Gods and a vengeful enemy. While born of the essence of the former Gods, there was only a little left after Kasal raised Berakas to Godhood so her powers are limited. She is weak compared to the other Gods, but her strength comes not from her powers but from her deceitful mind. She uses her powers to influence the mortals below to play out her own sick twisted games. She does what she can to hinder Berakas’s motives and actions in the world, mainly because she can, any other reason is known only to her. She is not without merit however. She looked down on the mortals below and felt a kinship with a group of wastrels wandering the deserts. She went to them in her mortal form and wooed them to follow her. She led them to a mountain range and showed them how to live and survive. She placed life throughout the desert where only they could find and told them to hold the secrete close, lest her wrath come down on them. These ebony skinned nomads looked to her as their savior Goddess and worshiped her forever after. From her actions, the Lemieans were organized and flourished where no one else could. They began to form tribes and prosper in the deserts and the mud baked flats. After this accomplishment, the Ascension of the Gods was complete, the essence having been taken by Kasal and Sethalis in their actions. More of it remains, the other Gods are just wary of attempting to copy the other two Gods.

After the war with the Gison ended, the Derevo closed themselves in looking at the way their race had grown. The leaders saw a split happening that they feared would never be healed. For 600 years they talked and argued over the four factions growing. The heads of the four tribes came together and debated over what was the best course. The four leaders were; Glunduil-Novotie, Tyldur-Yakaram, Adraladar-Sladiva, and Vaemiar-Gretalia. In the winter of 321A, the split happened and the Derevo would never be the same.

Glunduil-Novotie, the appointed leader of all the Derevo, had made a declaration that all Derevo who had made aggressive actions toward any outsider or family member would be banished from the homelands never to be aloud entry again. This included past and future actions. Some of the Derevo didn’t like this declaration as they were part of the group that would be banished. The leader of those who felt that they were better than the others, both family and outsiders was Adraladar-Sladiva. He felt that as they were of the long lived they were shown special interest by the Gods and should therefore take their pick of what they wished, when they wished regardless of who it was they took from. At this Glunduil-Novotie banished Adraladar-Sladiva and his supporters. Tyldur-Yakaram was Glunduil-Novotie most trusted advisor and he warned of what was to come with his declaration.

What transpired next was the bloodiest battle the Derevo had ever seen. In the winter of 321A those who were banished came back and began the bloodiest battle to date. Every war to date had been bloody, but this was different. This was family fighting family, brother fighting brother. Never in the history of these people had another member fallen by the hand of someone of the same race. The rage that went into those who were killed stained the forest red. Vaemiar-Gretalia had been a secret supporter of Adraladar-Sladiva and struck the first blow with the murder of Glunduil-Novotie. For the entire winter Derevo fought Derevo until all sides were weary and beaten. But the Novotie and the Yakaram survived and were able to hold back and even push the other two tribes out of the forest. When all was over Vamiar-Gretalia took a group of his people and headed off toward the sea, while Adraladar-Sladiva took his people toward the mountains to fight the Gison for their underground homes. Tyldur-Yakaram, who had survived the war send emissaries instantly to the Gison to warn them of the split and of the hostile intentions of their banished people so that blame would not befall every Derevo of the actions of the others.

From then on the Derevo were no more, but were split into four groups; the Novotie who remain true to their heritage and travel the lands as nomads to the world, the Sladiva who live under the mountains and continue their hatred toward their brothers to the south and the Gison who inhabit the mountains with them, the Gretalia who have sailed to islands unknown and taken up cannibalism as their tribal distinction, and the Yakaram who fought little in the winter battles but helped the Novotie’s sick and wounded. After the end of Blood Winter, and over the passage of time, the Derevo were scattered across the lands and divided into four distinct races; the Novotie, the Yakaram, the Sladiva, and the Gretalia. Each one changing over the course of time never to be the same.

During this time the humans were pushing their lands farther and farther north. After learning the fundamentals of mining and smelting they sought after ore and gems mainly found in the mountains that were home to the Gison. While at first their initial probing into the Gison‘s territory did little but cause grumbling and an occasional scuffle, it soon began to cause problems. Whether it was the greed of humans or the territorial nature of the Gison, a conflict was inevitable. During the summer of 324A, the mild conflicts would become an all out battle that raged on for 1000 days with both sides losing people over the rocky land. King Glenar Mountain-smasher lead his people into war against the humans for fear of his home being overrun by the new comers. This war was called, Mil Batalo de Pekliberigo in Gison. It meant th 1000 day battle.

After his two sons had died in the war, King Glenar Mountain-smasher had enough. He went to Caedd of Mirardorin, the claimed ruler of the human settlement in the north and posed a deal. The deal was agreed upon by both parties involved and the war was at an end. The two had agreed to let the humans access to the mountains to mine but only in areas unclaimed by the Gison. These unclaimed lands were only to the west of the Traiken Peak. Anything to the west was fair game for the humans to mine, or anyone else for that matter, anything to the east is sole property of the Gison and anyone caught ming it without permission will be dealt with swiftly. With this truce made, the two races began trading with each other. Tentatively at first, but as the years rode on, so did their acceptance of one another. Trust was hard to come by, but both accepted the other and their relationship continued on.

The Gods had been quiet for some time, rarely bothering the mortals in their daily lives. Because of this lapse, someone unlocked the secret to using magic again. While humans fail to see the world as the other longer lived races, they have an outlook that can sometimes surpass their years. It was a human named Coric Deannyn who found a way to bring magic back to the world. He determined that there were crystal-like crops of magic all over the world and found a way to harness it. It is whispered however, that Coric was given this information by Idehund herself but no proof can justify the rumor. And while the Gods still look to blame her for this happening she just ignores them and continues on with her meddling.

With the knowledge of magic back in the hands of mortals, a new growth of civilization was inevitable. For nearly the next 1000 years, humans began carving their claim to the world founding kingdoms throughout the lands and prospering in their short lived lives. Battles were fought and wars were waged, but nothing was very devastating to the world of the humans or the other races. This was not a golden age, although some think so, but more of a growing period for humans. The other races grew and prospered as well but it was not an age of growth as some histories claimed.

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