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April 9, 2011, 1:08 pm

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The Second Era of Hewdamia


The second era started off in better light than the 1st era ended. For almost 500 years there was a rebuilding going on with the Gison, continued growth for the Olwynn, and understanding with the Derevo about the different factions in their families. Like all things, this time had come to and end.

2nd Era : Lasted roughly 2500 years
1150Aw - 1200Aw : Beginning/ Ending of an Era
1250Aw - 2300Aw : War of the Gods
0Gw - 250Gw : 250 years of Rebuilding
260Gw - 780Gw : 500 Year War
500Gw - 1100Gw : 2nd Age, The New Age

The second era started off in better light than the 1st era ended. For almost 500 years there was a rebuilding going on with the Gison, continued growth for the Olwynn, and understanding with the Derevo about the different factions in their families. Like all things, this time had come to and end.

During these five decades that the mortals grew and built their homes, the Gods sat above them and argued. The argued not about each other for a change, but over mortals and what they had learned. Kameakias had taken most of the punishment from the war between the Gison. The very land itself had been rip asunder and blasted and broken beyond repair from the magics and carnage that the gison let loose at each other. The Gods argued because they had erred. They erred in giving so much information to the mortals that prayed to them and made them stronger with each prayer.

While the Gods argued, Caedmon began to work. He slipped away and began building gates in remote places of the world, hidden from the questioning eyes of his fellow Gods, away from meddling mortals. These massive stone gates depict scenes of horror and terror beyond what anyone had seen. These gates were doorways to another place, possibly from where Caedmon originally came from. These gates opened to the world of the Demons and their kin. Caedmon had originally planned to open the gates and unleash a swath of destruction so encompassing, that the Gods would fail to stop it. The gates were dubbed the Demon Gates and they stood ready to unleash a hell on the world only Caedmon had ever seen before. He placed keys throughout the world to be used when he was ready, but before that time came, he was thrust into an argument that would change the Gods forever.

Kameakias and Gotruis argued with Perteum and the new God Caedmon about the need to curtail the use the magic on the world. Saying that with mortals having the power to shake the world, they could learn how to shake the Gods as well. Caedmon argued that it was a ploy to gain followers or an upper hand over what he was trying to carve out as his realm on the world. Trying to take away his followers powers so that he could be removed or maybe even replaced. Perteum, while never liking Caedmon, agreed that they should do nothing about the mortals on the world below as they were insignificant to them. So saying this, the brothers once again went to war only this time, the entire realm of the Gods was involved.

When the Gods warred, mortals knew it. The grounds heaved and shook under their feet, the skies blackened and burned, crops withered as soon as they grow, and prayers were never answered. This war was different for the Gods however. With nearly 500 years of relative peace from war, the mortals had done nothing but studied and prospered. One of the things they had studied was magic. The very thing that the Gods were warring over. They were able to actually affect the outcome of these Godly battles and did what the Gods thought impossible. Mortals waged war on the gods. When it was all said and done, the Gods looked at the carnage they had wrought and wept. With the exception for Sethalis that is. They saw what they had given the mortals and they were afraid. Mortals had done the impossible. And to make matters worse, not all the Gods had survived the war. For over 1000 years this war raged on, with casualties on both sides, mortal and God. When the smoke cleared all wept for the losses.

Bharat, Caedmon, Dubaku, Gutxi, Horatius, Kiamana, Odhran, Ptah, and Shehrevar did not survive the war of the Gods. Some think that they are in hiding regaining strength, but the mortals chosen by the Gods as their voice know the truth. The Gods who no longer answer the prayers of their followers are dead. This changed the outlook on a few things and the Gods came to an agreement. With the loss of Shehrevar magic changed. The remaining Gods took the knowledge of magic, all the forces that were taught to the mortals, all the powers that could be manipulated and crystalized them, hoping that the mortals could not figure out how to use magic with their god gone.

It is known, or at least widely rumored, that Sethalis was the one to have removed Caedmon. He didn’t like how much like him that the younger God was. He was to power hungry for Sethalis and did not want a power struggle eons later when the younger God was more powerful. The other Gods were to busy in their own struggles to have noticed but it was still figured to be his doing. Another reason for the Gods not to trust him. Because of his death, Caedmon was never able to open the gates so they sit dormant still. His followers actively seek out these keys in the hopes that by opening the Demon gates, he would return.

It really isn’t known how long the Gods warred, so much was lost that will never be replaced. The fabled Library City of Tasgall was one such resource to have been lost. It was an entire city devoted to knowledge and learning. It is said that had information on every magic used and even maps of the entire world, a complete history of all the mortal races on the world from their birth to their death, and a complete record of the world of the time. It was even rumored to have had scriptures written by the Gods themselves there. All the wonders kept in this city were there only to be lost when the city was destroyed in the War of the Gods.

After what is thought to be 1000 years of the war, mortals began to rebuild what was destroyed not only by the Gods but by themselves. This time of rebuilding started a new cycle in mortals. Since they had lost track of time and didn’t know where to begin again, they started a new calendar and a new year. For 250 years they rebuilt the world, their homes and their histories again. Only for tragedy to strike again. The Gison, after all these decades, finally came out of their mountain homes to view the outside world. In their self seclusion after so long, they had changed from they way people had remembered them. They had grown shorter, stockier and had a distrust of anyone who was not of their family. During one of these outings, they met up with a group of rogue Derevo and ended up having to fight them off as they raided their camp. The Gison not understanding that these were in fact rogues of the race and not the normal took it upon themselves to return the favor, thinking that the family is responsible for the actions of those members in it. Or at least that is how they view their world; the entire family is responsible for its member’s actions.

Needless to say, under this big misunderstanding a war raged on between the two races for 500 more years. After which, with the help of a mediator, they both understood that the entire war had been over the doings of a few who had been banished from the Derevo country side. This brought the Derevo in closer and the in-fighting started. This in-fighting would be minor and mainly heated arguments for another 600 years.

Even before the end of the Derevo and Gison war, the rest of the world had begun to fall into a repression of sorts. Crops would not grow and produce like they had in the past. The rebuilding that had gone on so well for 250 years, had ceased to progress and had actually started to decline. Sickness and plagues slowly worked their way across the lands killing a good portion of the population. The wars had stopped for the most part, all but the Gison and Derevo war that raged on in the plains and forests outside of most civilization. Some have thought this was the actions of the God Sethalis wreaking havoc on the world.

During this time, more and more of Sethalis’s handy work could be seen. His creatures began roaming out of the wilds destroying small villages and towns and running back into hiding before anyone could respond. They began kidnapping children mostly, but for what no one knows as they were never seen from again. This sent the populations into seclusion as well. Where it was possible, walls and fortresses were built to keep out the raging beasts and to protect the masses from Sethalis and his abominations. This went on for nearly 600 years, with the lands slowing being taken over by the creatures.

They started slowly but began taking over a large island just west of the mainland. Unfortunately, this was were the Olwynn had chosen for their home. Slowly they were pushed back until they could no longer retreat as they were trapped between the ocean and the advancing hoard of creatures. Then for some unknown reason, the invasion halted and they stopped advancing leaving the Olwynn to fend for themselves. While most of them did leave, a small stronghold was built on the cliff face to watch for and defend the ocean crossing to the mainland from the creatures. The island was renamed Isle de Sangellas or the Isle of Blood in honor of those who had fallen in the protection of the people.

The Olwynn left and went east to the opposite coast line and built a fortress to match the one they had left. With the loss of more than 2/3 of their population, they had little resources to build with and therefore called out for help. The Gison answered their plea and helped build an impressive stronghold to slow the advance of the invading creatures. Once the strong hold was build they left and went into their mountain homes again and waited. The fortress was then named Forreso de Amortizo or Fortress of Redemption in the hopes that they would stop the massing horde should they come again. They then started building out up and down the coast building watch

Also new to the end of this era was the arrival of the humans. No one is sure where they came from, but one day they began arriving our from the east and setting claim to the lands unsettled by anyone else. And since the Gison had taken the mountains as their homes, the Olwynn had taken to the coastal cliffs across from Ilse de Sangellaso, that only left the Derevo with rights to the lands in between. As they were busy with their inner turmoil at present, the lands were unclaimed and so the humans took it on themselves to build were they saw fit.

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Comments ( 8 )
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Voted MoonHunter
November 9, 2005, 11:09
One question though are all these locations important in the second era or are they all just Hewdamia? If they are important to the era, the include them. If they are just Hewdamia... the free text will work for you. You can enter them in if you want, it would just save you a couple of steps.
November 9, 2005, 11:17
That is true. I never really looked at it like that. I am still getting used ot the Freetext thing.
Voted Cheka Man
November 9, 2005, 17:31
I really like this world, it is very well created.
November 9, 2005, 17:41
There are more coming Cheka, thanks.
September 26, 2010, 12:25
Awesome, really thinking about running a game using this world
Voted Nafar
September 26, 2010, 12:28
Only voted
Voted Ramhir
September 26, 2010, 23:09
An interesting idea for a world. It has made me think of some things I'd like to put into my world.
September 28, 2010, 21:51
Thanks... the entire history is in multiple posts however so you can just read one you have to read them from the 1st era on to get an understanding of everything that is going on or has happened.

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