Full Description
A flesh stalker is a member of the Fel'Krethsh, or slave caste. However, they have been elevated higher among their fellow slaves because of their faithful service to the nobles. They have a bloodlust that matches that of the greediest Ba'craht. They are occasionally sent out to deal with difficult enemies, and are usually deep with numbers.

They are humanoid shape with two arms and two legs; however, their body has many protrusions growing from their body. They wear no clothing or armor and can wield no weapons as they have no hands. These protrusions are hard and can be used to impale their victims but grappling with them. Their arms have sharp spear like ends in place of hands that drip a narcotic drug that paralyzes their victims in moments. Anything being struck by this must make a check suitable to the game system against a poison or fall to the ground unable to move for hours. If the victim survives the attack after being paralyzed they must make three checks or they will gain an addictive reaction to the poison and need something to replace it. Drug addiction usually follows.

Additional Information
They are often used to hunt down single victims for their masters. Often members of an enemies ranking military or leaders. If a Flesh Stalker is not expected, then nothing can stop it from entering an area unnoticed to seek out its mission. They do so willingly and with great pleasure knowing they are pleasing their masters, but at the same time satisfying their blood lust. Such is the way for a violent addicted demon.

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