The helm is made from a bluish and silvered metal that is encrusted with shards of ivory. The silvered helm covers only the top of the head, leaving the face and jaw exposed, and a thin leather strap secures the helm to the wearer. The ivory shards inlaid into the helm rise up as small spikes and seem as small bones when viewed in other than the brightest of lights.

When scrutinized it seems to be the work of a simpleton. The ivory shards seem attached with a solvent instead of mounted in the metal. The bluish and silvery metal seems to have been a blend of semi quality metal and some oily substance that gives it a slimy appearance, as if it was sloughed with oil. The helm always seems a tad too small or even a bit too large, and no amount of adjusting the straps fixes the fit. But it will never fall off.

Magic/ Cursed Properties
To the unwary, this helm seems to benefit any fighter who wears it. It projects a distinct aura of magic like the other items in the st, but due to it’s nature it never reveals its properties. When first worn, their combat abilities appear to increase. In a system of points this can equate to a bonus to strike, parry, and or damage. When the real effects begin to take their hold on the wearer however, the desire to remove the helm fades until they will fight to keep it.

When worn the beginning effects slowly work their way in. They begin to show only when signs of high excitement are apparent, like conflict and fighting. The wearer gets a huge boost of adrenaline and gets excited about the physical nature of combat. They slowly begin to crave the adrenaline rush that they experience only when in combat and will begin seeking confrontation out everywhere until they get to the point of needed that feeling, like a drug addict shown their focus of getting their high, they reach out for it and force it to happen.

While this is a feeling like adrenaline, it has no physical effect on them. It just implants a need and desire to have that feeling in them. Which is small at first, but because of the nature of the item it grows into a violent need. They become reckless in their actions and do not care how they have to get this feeling infused, they only know that in order to get it they have to get violent.

They begin attacking random people, until it isn’t random anymore and they attack everyone they see. The unfortunate who wear the item will forever be hounded by this desire unless proper measures are taken, usually divine intervention helps. Those in the area of the wearer of the helm also begin to feel edgy and agitated, their adrenaline also increasing to higher levels than normal. They begin to stress and need that fix like a junkie needing drugs.

While they may not become as violent as the harbinger of this affect, they will actively seek out dangerous ideas to get their fix of adrenaline. If simple adventurous actions do not sate their desire they may end up trying their hand at stealing, or possibly killing.

This has been sitting on a napkin for about six months and I feel it is unfinished but I do not know what else to add to it. Comments and advice welcome. Please remember that this is part of a set and most of the history information is in the main codex.

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