The Sovereign's Finest is The Crown's Personal Unit. They are not only elite fighters who have distinguished themselves in service to the Country (Caladania), but they are trained to be envoys of the crown and capable of special duties.

Before their was truly a Caladania, there was a group of nobles who followed their regional magistrate into rebellion against the Foren Empire. They were his friends in addition to his companions on his journey to Liberty. The Magistrate was proclaimed the first Sovereign of Caladania. Those loyal nobles, who risked all to free their people, were the Sovereign's Finest.

Through the Liberty Wars, the number of Sovereign's Finest grew. While all were charged to protect and advise The Crown, most were far removed from The Crown and Court. While all were to be equal, the equal need leaders. Thus the most senior members of the Finest formed a group within the group, The Gryphon Knights.

Each Knight meet the requirements to be a Sovereign's Finest (or met them easily when they were younger). They are still skilled fighters in they greying, but they are prized for their insights and practical wisdom. While most of these Knights are 'of the line' of the original Finest, the Gryphon Knights are a meritocray (like most organizations in Caladania). There are roughly twenty give Gryphon Knights at a time. There are a few grizzled veterans, a young razor sharp warrior who is the Crown Primary bodyguard, a few noble courtiers, a slick master of guile and politics, a master scholar and mechnician, and a now lame wizard in its roster. They are 'elected in' by the other Knights (with the King's Inputs) as vacancies in their numbers occur. Grey Gryphons, those who are not 'active' in their advancing ages, hold honorary positions in the Order. They normally only appear for ceremonial duties (in fact they often stand in for more active members in these affairs).

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