"So, when did this all begin? Yeah, we plundered that dungeon. And found that armor, very fine piece. Leather, but better than anything metal I had before. So we visited the tavern afterwards, to talk and show how good we are.

Then comes that mysterious fellow, says it isn't ours. So I laugh and tell him what we find IS ours, and we will use it. Says he it doesn't belong to us, but he may be willing to compensate us for our trouble. I say it is not time for business, but we may part with the piece for, say, one hundred thousand gold. Sure it was a joke, 'cause I don't know how much that really is, but this fellow pulls out a great sack, and simply pours out the gold! I have never seen so much gold in my life before, did YOU ever ? The mage checked the coins and said its OK, no illusion or anything. And as that miserable innkeeper accepted them, I did too, somehow.

The fellow left and the inn was dead silent, until I paid all the beer for the evening. My friends and me just sat around and looked on that giant glittering heap of gold for hours or days, I cannot tell you. When we finally get to our feet, as the others leave, and as I open the door, guess what I see? You think when its midnight, theres little life on the street? Hah! I tell you there were hundreds, no - thousands of people! And they began all shouting and running to us, they love us, what great things we can buy, how poor do they live, and...

Be glad I locked the door before they got inside, you might never see me alive, I guess. 'I'm happy you stay for the night', says the barkeep grinning like an idiot, 'even if the prices somewhat rised lately... '.

I had to silence him so we could safely get out. Well, did I say safely? Just as we leave there come some amateurs to rob us. We put them down before they could squeak, but even that moment come others and soon the whole backyard was full with thugs, fifty at least! A hard fight we were beginning to lose, came not the guards to arrest us for our own protection. On the way to prison the city council accused us of evading the special tax on selling weapons and arms. I tell you the ink on that pergamen was still fresh, curse them!

So we lost over a half only to taxes. Then came the process and judge was content with a mighty fine and paying the courts costs, including his wifes new garments. We might still have a cent left, came not the innkeeper and charged us for robbery, attack, property damage, murder and other crimes. Luckily Dagger noticed the carelessness of the guards and suddenly we were outside that damned city, fleeing a whole battallion of Kings Army, a small portion of the treasure still holding in our hands! We met an old deaf farmer in whose wagon we hid. Later he unmasked as an illusionist, as he took that remaining money, but that little mattered to us, for we were content with our bare lives.

So here I am, far from my home town, stranded, without a penny left. And I tell you boy, fame and fortune doesn't make you happy.

Imagine if this happened to you..."

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