Gambon was a veteran soldier of many battles. One of those destines to always be involved in the fighting, in the midst of one war or another. However, he had one great failing in his eyes - he could not cook.
In the large camps where he could call upon the cook house, this did not bother him. It was on the march, the times when the men sat around their fires at night with their evening meal , or when they broke their fast in the morning, always with the pack supplies.
Gambon was tired of the dull poorly made grub that he cobbled up. He relied on others to cook for him, but after the third bout of the runs from one such meal he declared he had enough. He got an standard, iron pot and some money and headed off to find a wizard. He never looked back.
Magic/Cursed Properties
The pot looks like any other normal cooking pot. Black iron, rounded underneath with three short stumpy legs to stop it rolling on flat surfaces. It has a handle for hanging and can hold enough for three to four portions.
Its main ability is to make anything in it taste better than it actually looks. Add any ingredients that you wish to the pot, it doesn't matter if they go together or not, the pot will improve the flavour. Burnt the food? Don't worry it won't taste that way when you eat it.
Obviously putting food that doesn't go (say meat and custard) won't mean that it will automatically taste lovely, just that it will taste better than it first appears.
In the hands of a true cook the pot would produce meals that would move one to tears, in the hands a simple soldier like Gambon, even if he burnt it, he was guaranteed that something that wouldn't taste like slop.

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