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March 14, 2015, 11:56 am

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Fractal Lifeforms


Each time mankind ventures into a new realm of exploration, he returns with tales of incredible creatures. Be it from the new continent, the tops of the mountains, or the depths of the seas. It is the acme of foolishness to assume that space would be empty of lifeforms. The forms that these new biologies took simply defied conventional physics or chemistry

The first fractal lifeforms were encountered in the solar corona. These simple creatures were two dimensional in nature, and resembled geometric shapes, with hexagons, octagons, and other polygons being the most common. The strange creatures drifted through the intense radiation of the sun's outer layers, and shielded arcanoscopes revealed tantalizing evidence of more complex fractal lifeforms living deeper in the Sun.


Fractal Lifeforms are two dimensional lifeforms that live in the most extreme of environment. Being two dimensional they defy conventional forms of measurement and have no perceivable mass, and are not affected by extremes of heat, cold, or radiation. They are affected by gravity. They are difficult to spot as they can only be seen from one direction, and they do not have a profile, or rear, only a front. The fractals display remarkable colors and color patterns, and there is speculation that this is some form of communication between the creatures.

Strange Phenomenon

Lensing - there is a relationship between fractals and gravity, and they can be seen warping gravity by their sheer presence. A few observers have claimed to have seen different places 'through' the planes of the creatures. The reports run through the typical gauntlet of dimensional fatigue events, alien skies, strange constellations, vistas of unknown worlds.

Time Distortion - Probes and observers of Fractals have experienced altered time, with probes sending back hours of information after only seconds of observations. Scientists sitting at arcanoscopes and plasmascopes have experienced lost time events in similar fashion, spending hours making notes to find that only minutes or seconds have passed, or having looked for a moment to see hours slipped away.

Ghosting - related to the lensing effect, while there is a single creature, it can often create multiple images of itself, possibly through deliberate gravitational manipulation. Observed ghosting is strongly associated with time distortion events, and it is considered prudent to immediately discontinue observation should a fractal entity start ghosting. A popular leading theory is that the Fractals are away of when they are observed and that ghosting is a defensive mechanism, time and gravity manipulation to disorient a potential predator. Unfortunately there have been no observed accounts of predation between Fractals, or the existence of other two dimensional creatures that might present a food chain.

The Angles of Space

There are several theories that attempt to explain the existence of Fractal phenomenon that go beyond exotic and alien biology. These theories are not given much credit, but to the detriment of Fractal research, most scientists and arcanotechnologists don't accept the existence of Fractals as anything other than the malfunctioning of incredibly complex equipment that hasn't been properly cleaned, maintained, or operated.

Dimensional Engines - the dimensional engine taps into an alternate power source, and it is possible that fractals are actually the 'pollution' generated by the engines. What this means to the ecology of a star is completely unknown. If there is actually any connection between arcanotechnology and Fractals, no one is for sure.

Dimensional Gating - Fractals are actually the throats of wormholes that are constantly forming in the intense electromagnetic field of the Sun, and are going to be found anywhere there is intense energy and strong gravity. Similar to the dimensional engine theory, the gating theory basically states that the Fractals are actually 'dimensional reactors' that have spontaneously occurred in the sun. This is a deeply offensive theory to arcanotechnicians, who are astounded by the fact that people can believe something as complex and complicated as a dimensional reactor can just randomly form from stellar plasma and magnetic eddies in space.

Aphasic Lifeforms - It is speculated that the Fractals are just an exotic plasmaphilic Grimm-Olduvai space planktonids. The basic theory holds that the planktonoids are semi-visible because of the intense conditions in close proximity to a star. Adherents of this theory typically also hold to the existence of Star Whales, and that there are aphasic super predators that exist to feed on the lifeforms that live in the outer layers of stars.

Phase II

Fractals are a sentient alien lifeform, and they exist in stars, nebula, and other stellar phenomena. They communicate via light and gravity manipulation, but the gravity flexing is something that happens around them. They are remarkably tough, and surviving in stellar environments, they are immune to heat, radiation, plasma and non-kinetic weapons. They can be harmed with kinetic projectiles, but no one has yet tried to shoot one. There are surprisingly no armed weapon systems in the corona of the sun. They can defend themselves by simply 'winking' out and reappearing somewhere else, several dozen to several thousand miles away, generally traveling along magnetic field lines. They can also discharge a high energy beam that is comparable to mecha to warship grade plasma and particle cannons.

Fractals can hive together and create three dimensional objects, and this is how they travel from one star to another, and constitutes a fractal cocoon. A cocoon is propelled by the high energy discharge the fractals can generate, and they are able to reach a modest percentage of the speed of light, heading to a new star.


Additional Ideas (1)

I like it. Interesting take on the concept of alien life, done in a less seen way. I'd be interested to see something like this translated into actual game stats. (As an aside, those 3-D 'fractal cocoons' really make me think of the Antispiral machines from Gurren Lagann.)

2015-03-16 06:18 AM » Link: [8147#94016|text]
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Comments ( 4 )
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Voted valadaar
March 16, 2015, 15:24
Now this is a strange one :) Having a hard time putting my head around this one.

A consequence of Dimensional Gating - one could expect that terrestrial reactors and nuclear weapon detonations could spawn these on earth, correct?
March 16, 2015, 17:29
Theoretically yes, anything that could cause a dimensional fatigue event could draw them. It wouldn't keep their attention since physical matter is very dense and very cold to them.
Voted Dozus
March 17, 2015, 7:10
This is interesting. I have a soft spot for bizzarely alien biologies, and this one hits the right notes.
April 17, 2016, 3:59
I have a question, say a person were to alter their conscious using hallucinogenic mind altering substances.. Would they in fact be able to communicate with these beings through shamanistic efforts of the mind.

Asking for a friend of mine who just so happens to be a traveler of the mind.

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