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The factory owned by the Yocasta Company seemed a good idea-one that had a license to mass produce healing potions and certain other potions that would benifit everybody, until the accident. What happened is disputed, but somehow some water got into a vat of potion that reacted very badly. The fire that resulted burned for hours,pouring magical smoke into the air, destroying all the vats and pouring a ton of potion into the Chrysta river. People choked to death, or found their hands were now feet and their feet hands. Others fell in love with the wrong people, or went insane and ran about screaming. After a month the authorities thought they had sorted out the worst of the trouble, and then came the Flowing Death from the sea.

The first sign they noticed was that the fish swimming in the clear waters of the River Chrysta were turning to bones in front of their eyes. Boats had their fishing nets burnt and their wooden bottoms scorched or in fact holed, and those who could not quickly get to shore were themselves dissolved down to the bones.

A company of soldiers with crossbows were sent to deal with whatever the problem was, but when they shot into the water their arrows dissolved on contact and they caused the thing to rear out of the water and spit acid at them, blinding two of them.

It takes the shape of a huge jellyfish,the width of a large river and hundereds of feet long, but instead of tentacles it has a tail like that of a whale, and apart from it's numerous eyes, it is see-through. It has niether teeth or claws, instead, underneeth it's waterproof *skin* it is highly acidic.All it needs to do to get nutrents is to swim up a river or through the sea,with it's *mouth* open, dissolving and eating everything in it's path that cannot escape in time. Fish, shellfish,plants,swimming humans, every living thing in it's path is eaten. Time has changed it's colour to that of the water around it.

In a matter of days it can strip a whole river of all of it's animal and plant life and leave it lifeless, with dreadful affects on fishing vilages up and down the coast.

Additional Information
The Flowing Death can be hurt by normal weapons, even though they melt on impact,and magical weapons can hurt it without damage. Spells cast on it change into totally random magic because of what it is made of.

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