The siege was bad, and with fire decimated a large part of a town. As life returned, the abandoned ruins were teared down, new laws against fire raised the taxes for most houses, depending on the number of their stories. A few Hobbits have returned to their roots (so to speak), and built their holes as in old times. Naturally good in agriculture, and close to a needy market, the business proved lucrative, and soon other farmers followed their example.

The neighbourhood is a sort of village inside of a town; however, due to many thieves and poor people nearby, fences are everywhere, and to have several guarding dogs is a must. The neighbours have seen little movement in the last few decades, so everybody knows everyone else. While generally friendly, 'outsiders' are instantly suspicious, and many tend to ask of one's intents while here. In these parts, trespassing can't be a mistake, so watch out where you tread.

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