The city of Lav prides itself on being the city of flowers. It was considered an annoyance that the city of flowers was only in bloom two or three months out of the year. After some consideration, the Guild of Alchemists and the Botanical society decided that there had to be a way to remedy this situation. Two years of research as well as several tens of thousands of gold pieces. The Everbloom Potion was the final, and pleasing result of this investment

Everbloom Potion

This potion is a syrupy pale blue liquid, it smells slightly bitter. It has no flavor if tasted but it is moderately poisonous. The poison aspect causes fairly severe nausea, vertigo, as well as tears, salivation, mucus discharge, and 'ahem' leakage. Correct use of the potion is either by direct application of undiluted potion, one drop at the base of the plant to be influenced. One drop will cover a single plant up to the size of a rose bush. Two drops will cover up to small ornamental trees (less than 20' in height) and three drops will cover anything short of gigantic trees. The potion can be diluted in water, with one drop covering 25 square feet of flowers and small plants.

The application of the potion causes the plants to enter a new cycle of flowering. One application generally lasts two to four weeks, and can be reapplied after this time. Attempting to double up doses will either have no effect on the plant, or will cause defective blossoms, missing petals, color deformation, and the like. Sadly, the use of this doesnt speed the flowering process, nor does it encourage speedier growth of fruit or other seed stock from flowering. Thus, the plant owner must weight more flowers versus fruit body production. A flowering plant will have very small yields, as it is devoting its resources to flowering. The most common use for the potion is for ornamental flowering plants and flowering trees that are not involved in any sort of food production.

Lav soon became known as the city of flowers, and the nectar of Lav was being sold by the guild to various nobles and wealthy investors. This was no arterial flow of trade, but it did spur interest in ornamental plants and seeing cities as clean and in bloom as Lav encouraged other cities to invest in sanitation and parks and public gardens.

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