Type: Shortsword

Appearance: Ennui is a completely drab, mundane appearing weapon. Color seems to bleed away from Ennui, giving it a nimbus of grey, tepid 'light' around it.

Mundane Qualities: Ennui is famed for being a terrible weapon to actually use in combat. It is heavy, imbalanced, doesn't take a decent edge, and frequently gets snagged in clothing and armor.

Magical Qualities: Ennui cannot be broken save by besting the corrupted soul of the Seven Brave contained within. Ennui allows its owner great influence over those around them.

Long Term Effects of Ownership: Owner supports any course of inaction possible, without fail. When forced to act, the owner generally tries to act in the smallest, least powerful way possible.

Ennui slowly affects its owner's core philosophies, convincing them that inaction is always the best course of action. Patience, wisdom, and rational thought are all called upon to support the cries to do nothing, generally with great aplomb. Ennui is second only to Kingmaker in the strength it affords its owner to affect others- insidiously so.

By allowing inaction to become prevalent, Ennui seeks to allow the ambitions of the other evils present in the world to prosper. Armies are not stopped, injustices are ignored, and corruption is allowed to spread. Depression and good feelings batter those around Ennui's owner; depression from the brazen nihilism Ennui invokes, tempered by the assurances that nothing truly matters and one need do nothing to be okay.

Ennui seeks strong political owners, the better to allow its influence to spread far and wide. Ennui's owners, while not affected by the sloth they bring to others, are prevented from mustering the willpower necessary to rid themselves of the blade, usually by the blade's own designs.

Seven Brave: Sloth

Sloth has a few goals:

1: Do as little work possible to escape the blade.

2: By weakening mortal resistance to another of the Seven Brave, Ennui believes it can let another of the Seven Brave do the heavy lifting

3: Ennui seeks to spread inaction in the face of Evil

Ennui prefers a supportive role within the blades, always seeking to do as little as possible. Ennui, however, does possess strong intellect, and a capability for manipulation that is far more subtle than Arrogance is capable of.

Ennui: Relationship with the other swords

Ennui and WrathBringer generally have incompatible views on how to free themselves from the blades, although when they do manage to cooperate, the results are generally spectacular, bloody, and historic in scope. Ennui strongly despises how Wrathbringer advocates against inaction at all costs.

Ennui and Kingmaker also work exceedingly well together, although they also disagree on methods and tactics. Ennui is more than willing to allow Kingmaker to wear the pants, even if Kingmaker tends to try to get Ennui to do too much.

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