Can I hear a story? Please?

It is time for bed.

But I really want to hear more about Corran!

Well, only as long as you sleep right after. Your mother would scold me terribly if you weren't well-rested tomorrow...

Our world is easily changed. Our minds and thoughts, our feelings and words, they change what surrounds us. We are blessed to have these gifts. In the beginning of time, when we first embarked across the lands, making our way, we knew little of these powers. Growing stronger, ever stronger, our people called great storms across the lands, terrible gales of wind, and caused Father Nature himself pain. You see, no one had ever taught us how to control what we could do. People who do not learn cause more harm than good. You remember that.

I will, father.

Now we decided that we would gather the men and women, for women have the gift as well, who were best able to control their capabilities and have them teach us all their methods. Seven were chosen, brave souls who were our best. All came to see their amazing strength, their mastery and knowledge.

It must have been amazing.

The elements swirled through the air, bursts of fire and sound moved about as illusions heckled and joked at the gathered crowd. It was festive, happy. That day we were going to learn to control not only our gifts, but ourselves. The Seven Brave were going to begin when a single man stepped forward. "You seek a peace that will not be found, and search for knowledge that will open the floodgates to depravity! Stop now! Before the depths of madness are unleashed fully among these gathered people, so that the Sin you Seven Brave have conquered will not find hospitality but a final hospice in the hearts of the ignorant here!" He cried to the crowd.

What did he mean, father? He used some really big words.

He was warning them son. For Conflict had spoken the Truth, which was that Sin had been conquered in the hearts of the Seven Brave- but we were not ready as they were.

Ready for what father?

We try to be good people, good husbands, and strong men. I've taught you to be polite, to mind your manners, to consider how you act even when you would rise a fist in anger. Our gifts are fueled by our emotions, our thoughts. A man who is pure of mind and soul will never harm another with his abilities accidentally.

Like that time Amy was heating up my bath water and I got scorched cause when I splashed her the water started to boil?

Probably son. Women are stronger in the gift. Now, the Seven Brave looked at Conflict, shaking their heads. They began to teach, showing us all the different facets of Sin, so that we could know it as they did.

What happened?

"I see the decision has been made." Conflict despaired. "I see now that Arrogance, Sin of Sins, hath blinded you Seven Brave to his family which you thought conquered, but in Truth is within all of you!". The Seven Brave were angered by his words, and troubled. The people, grappling with the newfound insight imparted to them struggled, agonized by the treachery of Sin.

That's terrible!

The man, Conflict, grew in size. Grabbing the Seven Brave in his giant hands, he spoke. "Your treachery here was almost complete Sin, but once more will the people be given Choice to decide on their direction." He crushed the Seven Brave within his clenched fists. From his hands he lowered Seven Swords, deadly and beautiful in their insidious brutality.

The Sinblades?

Yes son. For the evils that had corrupted the Seven Brave were imprisoned within the Seven Swords, to give man the chance to renounce their evil. Even today, all good men and women seek the destruction of the Sinblades, so that we can live in peace, without fear of our gifts.


The Sinblades:

Wrathbringer (Wrath)

Kingmaker (Arrogance)

Avarice (Greed)

Gorger (Gluttony)

Flamebearer (Lust)

Ennui (Sloth)

The Imposter (Envy)


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