Full Item Description
This gem is a dark green emerald is about the size of a coin. It has a gold ring around it. It is smoothed and polished.

This gem gives the holder charismatic skill. It does not change the appearance of the holder in any way, but any humanoid looking at the person will find the holder more attractive then they normal would. Non-humanoids will not be affected in any way. The Gem will only be effective if held. Once the holder lets go of the gem it will no longer take effect.

The Emerald of Character came into existence when a wizard known as MaMcmenith, who had long suffered from a hunch back and incurable acne, spent his time in exile from humanity making the gem. He hope the gem could make people like him. He had spent his years living in exile because of his looks and was making this gem to change all that.

Well the Gem was finished and the wizard was heading to the nearest town to test it out. On the way there he was stopped by a group of thieves. The thieves robbed him for every thing including the clothes on his back.

so there then gem went going from owner to owner. as one died it pasted on to another...

It is uncertain of its current location, but it is said to be in the hands of a bard known as Maxim Carper, who is the owner of a Large Music and preforming school.

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