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This dwarven made "Dirigible" cant actually fly through the air, it goes through the earth. Its made of 3 large stone sections connected by a thin sheet of rock magically enchanted with the flexability of cloth. At rest this vehicle looks like nothing more than a huge rock. Each section of the "Dirigible" serves a special purpose. The first is to compress all earth it comes into contact with around the ship, making a tunnel for the rest of the ship to pass though. Although the tunnels are not completely sturdy there is enough time for other dwarves to come in behind and build supports. The second section is the pilot housing, it hold up to four people but only two are needed to steer. You can steer the vehicle only if you have some magical capabilities yourself, you need to channel your engergy into directing the first section up, down, left, right or any direction inbetween, then all you need to do is will it forward and the drilling begins. The third and largest section is the cargo hold, also used for passengers.

Not so long ago in a mountain little explored by humans... this is where Dugfar's story begins. Dugfar was a young dwarf and thus was always coming up with new radical ideas that The Elders didnt really appreciate. One day while doing his arcane studies of his ancestors and looking through ancient design plans for pulleys and such Dugfar stumbled across the plans for a digging machine. Dugfar immediatly went to The Elders and demanded that he be allowed to attempt to create this. The Elders agreed because they needed some sort of new mining to to reach the other side of the mountain and connect their kingdom with that of their deeper dwelling cousins... and so Dugfar started working on this drilling machine only to run into the same problem at his ancestors: directing the vessel. Dugfar decided that he needed to explore the lands to find a solution, he got permission from The Elders and set off for Human lands to see their "ships" he has heard about. The journey had all the minor encounters one would expect but he finally reached the Great Shipyard. He was immentaitly inspired by a barge towing another barge and he really liked the idea of "sails" but knew they would be of no use underground. So with this idea in mind he set off for the land of the smart and mechanical-minded Gnomes. They welcomed the fellow inventor and took to trying to find a solution to his dilemma, they soon developed a magic spell that would repel earth and suggested a for of mental submersion into the ship to steer it. Great! That was two more problems aut of the way. Finally he returned home and started work again. Everything went fine untill it came time to use it, he realized he could not see where he was going, they tried all sort of methods of shouting and banging of the hull but nothing was very effective. In the end it was a simple crystal Scrying ball that was the solution. Now the dwarves have a grand amount of tunnels thanks to Dugfar.

The Magic
Vision: A crystal Scrying ball.
Steering: Arcane mental submersion into the vehicle.
Digging: A Earth repelling spell

It travels forward by slithering like s snake and is not very fast.it requires two people to drive: one to steer and one to Scy. it can hold 6 dwarves comfortably in the cargo area. Also, the reason this is called a dangerous dirigible (Of course not called that by the dwarves, they simply refer to it as The Tunneling Machine) is because of cave-ins and running out of magic to power it leaving the crew trapped beneath the earth (This last flaw has been averted using a door located on the back of the tunneler.

~Enjoy~ and don't forget to point out and flaws or unexplained bits.

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