Full Item Description
This item appears to be the head of a large hammer, but covered with glyphs. Actually, it could probably be affixed with a handle... It is actually a great Dwarven tool for moving lots of dirt at once.

The Legends of Dugfar the Dwarven Digging and Demonlitions Dynamo are many. But none as much as his demise. He invented many of these Devices to help his kin move earth quickly, it was a powerful device that is now considered taboo. It caused the fall of the Human-Dwarf Alliance.

This is Dug's final story:
Not long after the Dwarves and Humans struck up and alliance... Some of the more notable humans were invited into the dwarven holds to view some of their architecture and inventions. They were fascinated by the vast treasure the dwarves had been hording as well as everything else. But when it came Dugfar's time to shine he showed them the Drastic Dirt Displacement Device, a tool that could move tons of earth in any direction you pleased. The foolish humans accidentally activated it,or so their legends say. Anyway, the device went off, moving about a ton of earth up into the air. Dwarves and Humans fell where the earth once was and then were buried alive. They couldn't be reached in time and were crushed and suffocated, Dugfar among them.

Magic/Cursed Properties
This Device, if recovered, ahs the power to move tons of earth in a fashion similar to, but much quicker than, digging. You must channel your dwarven knowledge of the earth and its properties into the Device and tell it how much dirt you want to move and where you want it to go. This is not that difficult for a dwarf, but nearly impossible for your average human.

If the Device is found and affixed to a handle, it can teleport foes that it strikes in the same way it would move earth. Dugfar didn't live to find this out, but perhaps some new dwarf genius wil come along...

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