A time of relative peace must now come to an end. Rumors of an incredible force building in the East are spreading like wildfire. King Strolen has sent several scouts to investigate, but only one returned. How strong this force is is not certain, we only know there is a lot of men, elves, orcs, trolls, dwarves, and even some dragons marching toward our city walls.

The battle for our defence will begin soon. How many people will join our side? How many to the enemy? Will we even survive the first night?

To top it all off, the only person who could possibly have any information on this power is an old Hermit living up in the hills, yet no one knows where, and he is not fond of compony.

The hills are littered with several traps and tricks, as well as fierce guardians. Who will be brave enough to face the mountain, in order to have a chance of keeping our beloved kingdom?

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