An outlying village is actively searching the nearby city for mercenaries to help them protect their village. A large group of about 40 bandits have been overheard saying that they will come back after the harvest and ransack the village for their grain. Their need for the grain is unknown to the villagers. The villagers can promise little but to feed the mercenaries and give them lodging while they are there.

(The villagers actually have a large stash of special weapons from killing some of the bandits that were caught alone. The villagers just cannot protect themselves from that many and can't use the weapons well at all, they are farmers after all. If they let that get out they would be robbed by a number of people to get their stash. They must trust their protectors. The bandits are getting ready to move locations and need supplies to feed themselves and the horses for their trip.)

Gives the PC a chance to plan a defense instead of invading everything. ( taken from the 'Seven Samurai' movie)

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