Special Equipment:

His left arm is made of Tylios metal, and has a retractble mini crossbow on it.


Damien stands at 7'10. The left side of his chest and arm are made of Tylios metal. His right arm has been severed off and replaced with the arm of a Minatour. His legs have been removed as well, and replaced with the legs of the Zentinach, or bird people. He has a Dragoon's wings, and the tail of a lion. He has black demon horns on his forehead, and Vampire teeth.


Damian was born in Shod-Arc-Vas to unknown parents. After his mother's water broke she hurried into the woods to give birth, and left him there. Lucky for Damian his cries were heard by the Wood Elves who inhabited the forest. They raised him, and taught him their customs. They named him Damien, which in their language meant ‘savior'.
He never felt right in his forest sancturary, and was shy. At age 11 his home was one of the first to fall to Vothils army. Damian was able to escape to a far away locaton from the woods. On the road he saw a travelling circus, and tried to steal from them. While trying to run away, he was caught by the lead acrobat, Thosai(Toe-sigh). Thosai was impressed with his skill in agility, and convinced the ringleader to let him raise him. He was the only real father Damian ever had, and he loved him. He would learn not only from his father, but from all the carne folks. In a couple of years he became the main event. He was a better acrobat then his father, and was stronger then the strongman. Indeed he was better then all the performers. At age 23 he joined the Imperial army on account of his fathers persuasion.
He was a great fighter, and easily surpassed many in one year then most did in 5. By age 26 he fought alongside Tython in the final battle against Vothil. He is one of the few who know his secret, and when he told his commander what had really happend he was assigned to tour the world. While in Quatra he was amushed by Imperial knights,and kept as a lab rat. They had mutilated his body with metal, and the parts of other creatures. He endured this for 5 years. He was stronger then ever, but was kept under a magic barrier so as not to escape. He grew bitter and heartles in those years, he was a changed man. He hated the people around him, and blamed his father for making him join.
Then they chose him for their ultimate experiment. They had, in one lifetime, gathered the blood from the greatest warriors of the world, and had finally created a spell that would be able to fuse the blood without getting ads. They planned to put the blood in Damian to make him the ultimate fighter. The transfusion took two full days, but Damian was noted as a weak host, and thrown into the sea.
He awoke on the beach, and was pissed off. Damian was now learning on how to control and manipulate his varied bady parts. He has special feats of different magic he calls reserve. He has also found out he needs to drink blood, or he will weaken. He has also learned that when he drinks the blood he is able to turn into that person, and gains their knowledge.
He became the greatest bouty hunter in the world, and lives in a manor away from civilization in an unknown location. He hates lords, and the Knighs that serve them. He has become a sociopath, and is known to kill those who anger him. He doesnt help people, and is a loner, saying that they wouldnt need help if they werent weak.

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