The Daggers

A set of six beautifully crafted daggers.

Handles of grey curly birch, around which runs a thin silver thread. With front and rear bolsters made of sturdy steel, the most attractive part of their anatomy being the spine and the blade itself. The blade has been folded many times over, giving it a much superior strength and almost never in need of sharpening if taken proper care of.

Their Effects

Much like that of a Morgul Blade as seen in Lord of the Rings.

Once an enemy has been wounded by one of the daggers they will slowly begin to fade away, not to die, no. Their fate is much worse.

The daggers slowly and over time drain the unfortunates soul. He, or she, will have no afterlife. They will simply cease to be, their energy becoming trapped inside the dagger.

Until it is either released through some ritual of purification, or it's original and far more sinister purpose is fulfilled; being channeled into summoning the Mir'a'Khene, the god of death. You don't just summon a god, they require a fitting tribute.


An accomplished Mage in his city of Karonie Karile, the shining city. Van Torxes was once a respected and honoured aide to the King of Elves.

For many months now there had existed a plot, kept a tight secret by those who yearned for its execution and fulfillment.

He had received a summons earlier that day to attend the court of kings later in the afternoon. As he approached he could hear voices raised in anger and excitement. This was not good.

As he opened the doors silence fell, the congregation turned and looked at him. There were mutters, long fingers pointed in his direction. "The traitor has joined us, I see" a voice penetrated the silence.

"This is the man my liege, your most trusted advisor, your closest friend. He has managed to deceive you. He plots to take your place, to cast you from your throne and claim it for himself! Here, is the proof"

Stunned, Van Torxes could only look on as the events unfolded before him. Finally he was allowed to speak. "My lord, my friend! You know this is not true. They are the ones deceiving you, it is they that want your throne. Not I, I have stood by your side for years. This you know."

Hours later, after much to and fro amongst the courtiers and Van Torxes, it was declared he be banished from the city, eternally. The king couldn't just kill his once friend. Instead choosing to exile him.

Shocked and hurt that his liege believed the other courtiers. Enraged at them for their cowardly behaviour. And troubled, troubled that there had been nom response from the guard. He had been working alongside their captain for many months after first uncovering this plot. Now, nothing.

His hatred grew and he became besotted with a desire for vengeance.

So it came to be that he crafted the daggers, one for each of the conspirators. They would pass as gifts from his country of exile. Tributes to the new king, and his closest advisors.

The daggers had been cursed, destined to drive their intended recipient insane. Causing him become paranoid, seeing enemies all around him. Eventually becoming so unbearable the bearer will attempt to take his own life. He will not be successful. From then on, his soul is damned.

Plot Hooks

1- The PCs arrive in the Shining City and are greeted by one of its elders, a conspirator. He tells them of strange happenings amongst a few of the court members. He is convinced that there is something going on behind his back. What it is? Well, he doesn't know.

I finally got around to re-writing this. My word, it was quite a mess! I hope this revised version is better.

I ask that people take another look and hopefully re-vote.

Many thanks, and enjoy the read.

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Since Van was exiled, the mood of the court has degenerated even further. The king and his cronies, once reasonable people, have descended into a mire of intrigue and mistrust. The courtiers are paranoid already, and looking for ways to eliminate each other. When they all get daggers, the paranoia from the dagger is multiplied ten-fold, even to the point of influencing those around them.

Within a few days, the palace is a madhouse. The king has ordered the guards away (not trusting them), all the doors have been locked, and half of the court has been murdered. Many members of the court have fled, thinking that some curse has come upon them, while the king and his courtiers hide and hunt each other in the darkened halls of the Elven palace. Anyone they come across is obviously an assassin, sent to kill them. Of course, the party is sent in to straighten things out, and promptly start kicking some noble elvish butt.

Oh, sweet, a magic dagger! These guys have some nice loot!