Full Item Description
A multifaceted lead glass paperweight found in any stationary store. It is palm sized.

A common enough ancient enchantment, if you study dark tomes. The origins of the spells are lost to the depths of history. The triggers for said items are normally 'evil', those that are selfish. That negative emotional energy is the tiny bit of energy needed to release the effect.

Magic/Cursed Properties
By holding this crystal so you can see it and another person, and having envy or greed or evil intent in your heart, you can trap the target's soul in the crystal. The person in question becomes a souless shadow of themselves. They act like themselves, but without the 'spark'. They are dull, unimaginative, and fairly unemotional. By concentrating hard on the crystal, you can take control of the souless one's body. The process is somewhat taxing, but can be done for hours at a time. The soul trapped inside the crystal empowers the magics, so eventually it can be worn down. If another is taken into the crystal before the first one is gone, the soul is kicked out as a ghost. It may or may not find its way back to its body, it all depends on the abilities of the soul.

A pity this crystal looks like a multifaceted lead glass paperweight found in any stationary store. It can be kept in plain site and nobody will know.

A greter pity is that you can stuff your own soul in it, if you catch your reflection in the crystal and stare at it long enough (with evil thoughts in your mind).

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