Cornelia no longer has an organic body, her having since perished in her terrible fall. Her body is now a complex creation of hard carved wooden pieces, all bound together with pins and bearings of shining brass. She stands just shy of six feet tall, as she was a tall woman during her mortal life. Her body is primarily composed of oak, but some portions have been fashioned out of softer and easier to replace poplar. Her hands are quite remarkable, each a fully functioning replica of a human hand, complete with brass knuckles and joints of brass wire and wooden chucks. Some remark that despite her wooden nature, she is still both dainty, and demure.

Wood may not be the most durable material, but it is plentiful, and very light when compared to clay, stone, or even metal. It wouldnt do to have a servant who cracked the floorboards and crashed into the pantries when she missed stepping on a supported floorboard. Thus, Cornelia survives able to live on in a rather human like fashion.

Her face is not recreated on the wood, instead Cornelia wears a number of hand painted ceramic masks. She lacks any need for the masks, but it is pleasing to the Grand Wizard, and makes for easier interaction with the various dignitaries and supplicants who have regular dealings with the Grand Wizard.

Cornelia takes a great deal of care in the choosing of her attire. While she has nothing to hide other than the wooden representation of breasts (not anatomically correct) she still has a strong sense of modesty and would be mortified for someone to see her bare to the wood and metal. She favors long flowing dresses that hide her legs, as well as thickly padded shoes so that she doesnt tap when she walks.


Cornelia was raised from a child to serve to position of Grand Wizard, whomever he may be. She did this with skill and grace and was well rewarded for her services. She chose not to take the financial reward but rather stayed as the headmistress of the office of the Grand Wizard, as she had fallen in love with the then young and dashing wizard. She lived with him for years, their relationship warm, but never quite flaring to full flame.

Then, one day, she was returning from clearing out the astology orrey and she slipped and fell. Tumbling head over heals, she fell down nearly eight flights of stairs before coming to a crashing halt. She lay, her bones snapped, and her body on the brink of death. The wizard held her in his arms and cursed himself for not knowing the arts of healing, and in her last moment, they shared their first, and last kiss.

THe wizard drew her spirit into himself, and putting her soul into a slumber set about to the task of building her a new body. Most golems and automatons were coarse and crude, bashing beasts and monsters. His Cornelia would be no such beast. For sixteen months, her labored, carving the pieces himself. The metalworking was the artifice of a cunning demon smith, bound to the wizards service for a year and a day. Thus, her new body was made.

Within the center of the chest, he created a hollow place, and within it, placed a jar of enchanted crystal, blessed by the clerggy of the God of Life and death. Into this, he placed her vital reamins. Within this jar wnet her head, her heart, and her hands. The jar was closed, and he bade himself forget the agony he felt as he prepared her essences for animation.

Thus, sealed into the wooden torso, he made her. He passed her slumbering spirit, now existing in the twilight realm of the half-dead, into the jar. She stirred, moving wooden limbs, touching her wooden face, and becoming horrified. The Grand Wizard was able to calm her, and bring her back to her senses. Thus, she was made to live again, after a fashion.

Roleplaying Notes:

Cornelia is a receptionist, and an etiquette instructior, part french maid, and part fantasy golem. She was created for the position of service and this she does well. She is an intermediary.

(possibly more to come)

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