Compass stones come in sets of two. The first stone, the tuner stone, is shaped like an arrow head and is about two inches long and an inch wide. The other stone, the marker stone, is flat and round with a hollow on one side for the tuner stone to fit in for storage.

Magical Properties:

These magic set of stones can be the difference between life and death for those travelers with a poor sense of direction. To find your way back to a location, leave the marker stone buried or hidden (or wherever it won't be disturbed) at the location you wish to return to. The tuner stone is magically attuned to the marker stone. By holding the tuner stone in your hand and saying allowed 'Show me the way to go home', the tuner stone will turn and point in the direction of the marker stone.
(DMs, if you wanna get evil, you can make Anti-Compass Stones which point in the opposite direction or add a limited number of charges)

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