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January 16, 2007, 5:14 pm

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When L’ruhk was banished to the Nothing Beyond Creation, he returned at the head of a demonic army, wielding a spear black as his corrupted soul.

Full Item Description

The spear know as Coivn is not a large weapon by most standards, but that is merely proof that small things often cause just as much chaos as large ones. Coivn is the personal spear of L’ruhk the Fallen, and carries with it a taint as evil as that of it’s master.

Physically, Coivn is approximately the same size and shape of any normal leaf-bladed spear, but it is there that the similarity ends. Coivn has a black haft carved in the most obscene of reliefs, so horrible to look upon that all but the most black-hearted of humans would wretch and writhe on the ground to keep their stomach itself from joining its former contents on the ground. The blade itself is polished to the point where one could see everything within the reflection as clearly as with their own eyes, though the view is a twisted and corrupted version of the world.*

The edge is extremely sharp, and could sever limbs quite easily. Extreme caution is advised, though not just because of the blade. If one watched for long enough, or was supernaturally aware, a person would begin to notice purple flames of dark energy radiating off of the weapon; a normal person will perhaps see a faint light.


L’ruhk was banished from reality, thrown into the vast Nothing Beyond Creation by his Creator Trigu for that ultimate error from which all others come: the Error of Pride. He had thought himself as great as the Master, had fooled himself into forgetting that the sole Being above him in power was the One that had created him.

In true copycat form (for none but the Creator of All can truly Create), the Fallen One forged for himself a weapon out of the Nothing Beyond Reality, a twisted replica of Trigu’s Perfect Creation (the World). Likewise did he create a vast demonic horde from his own essence, which he then used to make war upon Heaven, fully convinced in his ability to overthrow the Creator. He was promptly disabused of the notion.

While L’ruhk had been spared for his first offence of Pride, the second was far worse in it’s scope, for in making war upon Heaven he had given himself willingly over unto his sin. Trigu looked down upon his finest, most beautiful creation, now bound in chains, and saw deep within his soul that L’ruhk would never repent of his wrong. And so the Prince of Darkness was broken and unmade, the shattered pieces of his form cast into the black Nothing of Beyond. Trigu shed a tear for the loss of such a wonderful creation.

Yet in his wiles, L’ruhk had infused a portion of his essence into his spear, which was cast into the Sea, where now the Great Maelstrom stretches. And thus does L’ruhk await, residing in his abominable weapon as he schemes and plots to restore his lost power and take control of Creation. All that is needed is for a suitable person to brave the Maelstrom and claim the Spear…

Magic/Cursed Properties

Coivn is a Legendary Artifact forged by the Prince of Darkness himself as a contingency plan in case something went wrong in his war against Heaven, even though he “knew” that nothing could go wrong with a flawless plan such as his. Having failed in his divine takeover, what is left of L’ruhk resides within Coivn, awaiting a suitable host to brave the chaotic swirl of the Maelstrom and claim the Demonic weapon. At that point, L’ruhk will take ownership of the finder’s body and set his new plan to take over in motion.

The characters, if ever they do encounter this weapon, will find it within the grasp of L’ruhk’s new body, and would be wise to seek shelter in the nearest Temple of Trigu, for the powers it has are dangerous to mere mortals.

~Coivn was created by L’ruhk whilst within the Nothing Beyond Creation, and as such is very hostile to life as we know it. The only thing that keeps it from annihilating L’ruhk’s (possessed) body is the essence of him within both the body and spear. Any other living creation will slowly have it’s life force sapped by the spear if it is within 20 to 30 feet. The effect gains in strength the closer the proximity to the spear is, but due to the fact that L’ruhk is still one of the most powerful Celestial creations, he can negate the effect at will, which will be done around cultists when he is giving orders.

~Similarly to the above, Coivn is dangerous even to L’ruhk’s new body, which is still “living” insofar as the spear’s effects go. By wielding the weapon, the wielder will be in constant pain, much like if they were holding an electrical rod at a high voltage. Of course, this is not a worry for most mortals, who will turn to dust nigh-instantly after touching the weapon. Only those of a truly Holy nature will be able to handle it without fear of dying, though they will definitely not wish to handle it for long, due to this next attribute.

~If those struck with Coivn somehow survive its Draining Aura and sheer sharpness, they will be afflicted with a deadly supernatural poison for which there is no cure. Only divine intervention (perhaps a very strong and faithful priest could also do so) will save the victim, for his very life force has been tainted by an unnatural taint, the same touch of Nothing that gives the weapon it’s other attributes.

~Assuming one survives against all odds and actually managages to keep ahold of Coivn for any length of time, one will be subject to the same images that can be seen in the reflection of the spears blade*, only now the images will be like a rolling tide, crashing against the character’s mind like violent waves. At best, they will be in a delusional state for weeks after any encounter longer than a minute, incapable of anything but ramblings and screams about what they remember of the visions. At worst, they will be driven irreparably mad, fit for nothing better than the Asylum.


*This is what the world would be remade to look like if L’ruhk ever were successful in his endeavor to overthrow Trigu. Dark, dreary, everything dead. People suffering at the hands of demons, bearing torture after unimaginable torture for all eternity. Hell on Tyren is a very apt description.

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Comments ( 9 )
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Voted Cheka Man
March 25, 2006, 11:39
Not a weapon for PCs to use.
March 25, 2006, 11:44
Most definitely not, but definitely one to spice things up. What happens when they have to take it to "insert location"? This could open up all sorts of interesting campaigns. Sure you can defeat the "Main Bad Guy" by killing the host, but to truly beat him you have to destroy the spear. Lord of the Rings anyone?
Voted Roack
March 25, 2006, 23:33
Holy Moley Bjoly! I like it, though the names get easily confusing. One more thing, if the spear is so evil, then why can only Holy beings hold it?
March 26, 2006, 12:32
Holy beings and the person taken over by the spear, actually. And I'd say it's a McGuffin trait to allow for the Holy Warriors to seek the destruction of the Vile Artifact.
March 26, 2006, 13:40
Kassil hit it right on the head there. The holy beings part can be explained by "Divine intervention" on behalf of the being in question, but that allows the person to destroy said artifact. *self note: write up Tear of Trigu*
Voted MoonHunter
March 26, 2006, 12:03
This item is a classic McGuffin. It is not that the item itself is important, it is simply a motivator to get character's into a dramatic situation (i.e. a story).

It took a while to wade through the slighty confusing write up. It is an interesting piece that is a good legend, and maybe an event that will occur around the PCs... so they have to respond/ react to the events that occur.
Voted Pariah
March 26, 2006, 16:18
Good job, world background.
Voted Scrasamax
March 26, 2006, 16:58
Not a bad idea, but it is way to powerful for my liking (and I've posted some powerful items, and people have said the same about my work). The backstory is not bad, but I am still bothered by the suicidally powerful nature of the item.
Voted valadaar
October 5, 2015, 15:31
One of those things that is best left a legend or an exaggeration. Well described, but unless one is playing out ragnarock, it seems it is likely to remain in the maelstrom.

Perhaps someone could find a way to connect with the spear though the ether, creating linkages only strong enough that the being could draw power from the spear without physically touching it. L’ruhk’s fragment would not like this and may seek 'help' using similar means to stop this leeching...

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