The Player Characters:
Reva Maxwell:

Reva is what the group would consider an odd one out. Curious by nature is a primary trait. She tends to always look around constantly in new places or study new people. She is also not completely oblivious to things but some simple things or concepts may be outside her reach or just go over head at times, such as uncommon terms and words or alternate uses. Despite all this, she is actually familiar with computers and other technologies.

Reva also has an affinity for her weapon, which is a shotgun. Though not seen much as of yet, she has high preference to use it over any other gun. It tends to make scenarios of “try not to injure them too badly” kind of tough. Lastly, Reva has an unusual amount of strength, causing simple tasks such as trading handshakes to be a risky task to do with her. It also means she’s quite durable despite her outward appearance.

Aemilius 'The Rat' Cicero

Deals in the business of information, often dealing with people while wearing his prized suit. Among his hobbies, his most favorite is wine tasting, though he does know his limits and makes sure he does not get drunk.

Although Aemilius has no combat prowess to speak off, he is the most charismatic member of the group. Aemilius is one of the few if not the only one of the group that does not stay at the CRTF base, he prefers to stay at home and take care of his little brother.

Lennard Wong

Wong is an eight year veteran of the SAU (Sexual assault Unit) and is the only acting police officer on Team A. Wong is a stern, constantly grimacing, no-nonsense staightman to the rest of the group's antics. Almost a dotering, grumbling father. Though he may protest otherwise, Wong is a very honest, and caring individual, and goes out of his way to assist others.

Anise Dawson

Anise absolutely despises any accusation towards her of being "weak and helpless" just because she's a girl who doesn't look outwardly strong. She took up the martial arts months after a traumatizing incident near the end of her senior year of high school because of the looks of pity and/or disgust when people saw her. Those looks made her feel worse- and more angry- about what had happened and how she had been completely unable to defend herself.


Important Plot Events:

During debriefing with Reese, Daniel and Kyle in the room, CRTF was contacted by the rogue FBI agents who the players had disrupted the prior session. They promised to drop the hammer on the players. Agent Jones, whom they captured, has been rendered insane.

Alexi contacted Aemilius, and they met briefly at a very high-end restaurant. Alexi made it clear he did not want any problems with the group. Aemilius was able to deduce that Alexi is in fact a vampire.

The other players frequented a bar. Kate and Anise shared their backstories, while Lennard mostly drowned his sorrows.

Reva, well, Reva found a Raccoon. Reva was immediately intrigued by said Raccoon, eventually capturing it. Reva insists that it is a 'kitty', refuses to let it go, and plans on keeping it as a pet. I'm sure this is going to dog me the rest of the campaign.

Etzael approached the players, informing them much more blatantly about the situation surrounding them. They guessed almost immediately that he is an angel (yay hebrew naming schemes). Etzael prompted a very strange reaction from Reva, who let Sly (the Raccoon) loose for the only time after capturing the poor critter.



The last two sessions have been largely about cracking open the supernatural, aligning the NPCs into their proper places, and then allowing my players to get a sense of the larger picture. This session has been my players' favorite by far, even without any rock 'em sock 'em action going on. Most of my players are starting to own their own characters and form bonds with one another, which is especially important given the genre and plot I have intended for the campaign.

Alexi as a character is intended primarily to represent how some factions that could easily be lumped in with Hell (IE: Vampires) are capable of being benign, and to allow the characters an easier outlet to information on the supernatural. Alexi and the rogue agents within the FBI are antagonistic, and Jones met with Alexi specifically to ask Alexi to leave the city.

The raccoon. I don't so much regret the raccoon as sincerely wish I'd gone for a skunk instead.

Every Angel refers to humans by their full name whenever possible. Anise has specifically asked Selexiel not to do this- and Selexiel will not. This is partly for flavor, but also may serve to trick my players by demons who also follow this pattern.

Metos has been passingly introduced to the players- multiple meetings have taken place on top of his resting place- a large hill situated on the Boston Commons where a large statue stands.

Father Michaels has met Selexiel and is aware that she is an Angel.


Next session:

It'll be time for some action as Team A tries to crash the Etasen meeting. I haven't fully decided what to do for the meeting, but I plan on trying to keep the players guessing through to the end of it.

EDIT: Session 6 Happened. Summary to come tomorrow.

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