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May 17, 2012, 7:56 am

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CRTF: Session 6


And the walls came tumbling down...

Reva Maxwell:

Reva is what the group would consider an odd one out.   Curious by nature is a primary trait.  She tends to always look around constantly in new places or study new people.  She is also not completely oblivious to things but some simple things or concepts may be outside her reach or just go over head at times, such as uncommon terms and words or alternate uses.   Despite all this, she is actually familiar with computers and other technologies.

Reva also has an affinity for her weapon, which is a shotgun.   Though not seen much as of yet, she has high preference to use it over any other gun.   It tends to make scenarios of “try not to injure them too badly” kind of tough.  Lastly,  Reva has an unusual amount of strength, causing simple tasks such as trading handshakes to be a risky task to do with her.  It also means she’s quite durable despite her outward appearance.


Aemilius 'The Rat' Cicero

Deals in the business of information, often dealing with people while wearing his prized suit. Among his hobbies, his most favorite is wine tasting, though he does know his limits and makes sure he does not get drunk.

Although Aemilius has no combat prowess to speak off, he is the most charismatic member of the group. Aemilius is one of the few if not the only one of the group that does not stay at the CRTF base, he prefers to stay at home and take care of his little brother.


Lennard Wong

Wong is an eight year veteran of the SAU (Sexual assault Unit) and is the only acting police officer on Team A. Wong is a stern, constantly grimacing, no-nonsense staightman to the rest of the group's antics. Almost a dotering, grumbling father. Though he may protest otherwise, Wong is a very honest, and caring individual, and goes out of his way to assist others.


Anise Dawson

Anise absolutely despises any accusation towards her of being "weak and helpless" just because she's a girl who doesn't look outwardly strong. She took up the martial arts months after a traumatizing incident near the end of her senior year of high school because of the looks of pity and/or disgust when people saw her. Those looks made her feel worse- and more angry- about what had happened and how she had been completely unable to defend herself.



Important Plot Events:

Reese's wife visited him during breakfast. Players didn't seem to particulary care or notice this. I plan on punishing them heavily later once she turns out to be hellspawn or something similar. (Or she's a victim, I've leaving my options open.)

I think my players are trying to cook up some kind of romance between Lennard and Kate. While a little worrying, it does also paint a huge target on one or the other should a wanton death be needed.

Aemilius got a phonecall from one of his contacts, a pimp. One of the Pimp's girls was attacked and raped while with a john, by Coultier. Aemilius spoke to the poor girl, getting the name Ellen out of her after some comforting words. (Sorry scrasa, Ellen just seemed more appropriate as a name, yay artistic license!)

The location of the next Etasen meeting was sent to the phones they confiscated from the Cultists back around session 2 or 3 (memory is fuzzy). The building is a repurposed mental hospital.

Lennard met with Kyle to discuss the particulars of the mission, placing Wong in charge of the operation. Lennard also took the opportunity to take a M4A1 from the armory.

Players met with Todd, who supplied them with communications gear and tried to emphasize alternatives to run and gun.


The Meeting:

The players slipped in through the emergency exits located near the rear of the building. Reva managed to undo the locks, while poor maintenance (and two failed Electronics Security rolls on my part) made sure the alarms weren't active. The group managed to almost immediately find the security office, where one cultist with a gun was watching the camera bank.

The cultist drew his gun, got shot in the arm by Lennard, sparking a firefight. The players holed up within the security office, placing a desk across the doorway for some cover. Exchanging fire with the cultists, they managed to take out a large number of them (about 5-6) without taking any casualities.

At one point, David Branch, Cult Leader used his telekinesis to float a grenade into the security office and pull the pin. Reva managed to toss the stun grenade back out into the hallway, where it exploded. Lennard was the only PC affected, and only for a single round.

By this point, Kate was busy executing the cultist who had been present in the security office- a sadistic action I was fairly surprised by.

To end the standoff, three cultists and David rushed the doorway, prompting a mexican standoff. David was eventually able to get the PCs to at least lower their weapons, while Lennard made the mistake of dropping his M4A1 (did I mention this thing is absolutely lethal?).

Refusing to surrender, even after David used his telekinesis to fish the M4A1 away from the PCs, they managed to goad David into firing a fireball at Kate.

At which point Reva shot David almost point-blank with her shotgun, starting a vicious firefight. This firefight ended with Lennard being hit in the leg by the M4A1, Anise taking three 9mm shots to the chest, and all the remaining cultists dead.

Alexi and Chamdar appeared at this point in time to take the players away from the carnage, with Chamdar teleporting them to an unknown location. Chamdar quickly exists, and Selexiel enters. (Selexiel previous met Anise back a couple of sessions ago.) Selexiel healed Lennard's leg, and took Anise into another room to examine her wounds.

Etzael then appears, with Kyle in tow.

Kyle looks at you all critically. "Damn, you all look like shit. It's a wonder what a week will do to you, isn't it?"

At which point the session promptly ended.



First appearance of David Branch, Chamdar, and Selexiel as herself.

Players have traveled a week into the future, and a lot has happened.

Assault rifles HURT.

I misjudged my players, expecting them to take the front entrance and to attempt a more subtle approach. The instant Lennard shot the guy in the security office, all hell broke loose.


Next Time:

CRTF has been raided by the group of Rogue FBI agents acting on behalf of the real Corpael Etasen. All CRTF members are now declared fugitives, and most of the NPCs involved have fled. I think Grant will turn on everyone, working as an FBI informant. The players will find that they are now almost entirely on their own, without the resources they enjoyed with CRTF's armory.

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Comments ( 5 )
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May 18, 2012, 10:38
I welcome the use of Artistic License, if something can work better for you with a little change or hell a big change, make it happen!
May 22, 2012, 7:15
A nice plot thrust and development, and what sounds like some fun gun play. Something I've learned with 99% of PC's, usually they'll go down in a blaze of glory rather then surrender, even taking on no win odds to avoid giving up and being taken prisoner.

(In a few Jame Bond style games I've run, I found it's best to mention to the characters capture and escape is part of the setting trope and surrender will never result in instant execution/ no possibility of escape imprisonment. A similar conversation might be helpful to have with your players if you're planning future chances for surrender/capture by the baddies.)
Voted Silveressa
May 22, 2012, 7:15
Forgot to vote.
Voted valadaar
March 18, 2014, 15:37
Neat session, and I like Silver's comments about the possibilities of capture and subsequent evasion.

Voted Kassy
June 30, 2014, 8:30
Oh sweet! I'd forgotten all about these! The daily highlight feature strikes again!

I'll start from the beginning again :)

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