The Mighty Morphing Power Reavers are five Terran warlords and despots who've made a good effort of taking over large portions of the planet, and have teamed up with the plan of defeating the last foe standing between them and breaking out of Earth and starting their stellar conquest of the galaxy. On their side they have a massively powerful military AI, the sentient supercomputer ZORDON. The mastermind of the Reavers, ZORDON is assisted by Omega 5, a stunningly dangerous robot that also works as a bailiff and peacekeeper between the Reavers and bodyguard to ZORDON so none of the Reavers attempt to destroy the computer.

Each Reaver has a massive war mecha with an animal motif, most displaying totemic creatures of tremendous power. Each of these war machines proved more than capable of wading through the armies of Earth, and reducing them to rubble without suffering significant damage. When facing the final defensive line on Earth, and having nuclear weapons hurled at them, the Reavers used their mobility to evade the heaviest barrages, and then demonstrated the ability for their mecha to not just transform from beast forms to walkers, but for the walkers to merge into a titanic super-walker. This super mega mecha was able to withstand Earth's nuclear fury and the last wonder weapons that could be thrown at it.

Earth's governments fell, and surrendered to the Reavers, each continent being claimed by a different Reaver. Warlord Jason Scott, the pilot of the tyrannosaurus mecha became the President-General of North America, and the keeper of ZORDON, and the primary hanger and factory facility that kept the Reaver's god-machines operational. Warlord Zack Taylor claimed the continent of Africa, and due to the limited fighting that was held there, has the least damaged infrastructure and the lowest levels of human extermination. Warlord William Cranston took Europe, and a sizeable portion of western Russia, holding everything from Iceland to the Urals. This region is heavily damaged from the last fighting. Warlord Trinity Kwan dominated Asia and large portions of Polynesia and Macronesio, which she rules with an iron fist and an ample airforce. Warlord Kimberly Hart sits atop the second least damaged continent, Australia. The contentious Warlord Thomas Oliver reigns over South America is might be the most problematic of the Reavers, as his alliances are questionable. Oliver has sided with the Lunar Garrison against the other Reavers, and has just as often jumped sides in the middle of a battle to inflect sickening losses on Lunar forces.

The Lunar Garrison

The Garrison is composed of a few remnants who escaped Earth and by far and large, a contingent of extra-solar humans, the Enlightened Space Association, under the distant command of Galaxy Commander D'dez. D'dez's force leader on Luna was the technosorceress Rita Ravisha, a young and attractive woman who attempted to coordinate Earth's defense against the Reavers, and barely surviving as her posting to Luna was seen as a diplomatic job for a young officer to learn, watching an unimportant backwater planet.

The Paladin Goldar was sent at the last minute to bring the situation on Earth under control, and ignoring Ravisha deployed to the surface in his own super mecha, the Cyclopsis. A venerable war machine, easily on par with the god-machines the Reavers deployed, Goldar was not prepared for their coordinated efforts, especially so soon after facing bombardment by heavy weapons and atomic arms. The batle lasted two days, and the Reavers activated their combiner super titan mecha. Cyclopsis only lasted minutes against the much larger foe, and its was broken and left ruined on the surface. Goldar barely escaped, and was the only survivor of his landing party. Humbled, Goldar serves Ravisha as a bodyguard, and general to lead her forces, but is not her subordinate. Instead, the General serves as her equal, but has left command to the younger woman.

The spymaster Squatt is an non-Terran who was already stationed to Luna Garrison and had long been there. As a watcher and reporter, Squatt was the first to realize the danger of the Reavers. Initially ignored, he organized early resistance to the Reavers, and after their victory on Earth, he still keeps communications open for the planet, and does what he can to help the bands of humanity that still resist the Reavers.

Baboo is, like Squatt, a non-Terran, who was stationed to Luna, but much more recently. The blue skinned alien is openly derogatory of Ravisha, and Galaxy Commander D'dez's plans, but continues to work faithfully as the Chief Engineer at the Lunar Garrison. There is a good deal of tension between Baboo and Goldar, as the Chief refused to salvage Cyclopsis from Earth, and cannibalized most of Goldar's ship to make major repairs to Luna Garrison.

The Putty Patrollers are artificial creationes, synthic beings created from the last remaining Genesis Engine in the Solar System. These cyborganic creatures are the footsoldiers of the Lunar Garrison. While artificial, some Patrollers can develop personalities, and aside from death in battle, are immortal. Considering the fierceness of battles with the Reavers, few Patrollers survive their first encounter.

The Kaiju Engine

The Kaiju Engine is a relict from another time, and Ravisha only used it as an act of desperation. The Engine manifests kaiju and teratomorphs, a practice that is centuries obsolete. The kaiju have been repeatedly proven to be inferior to the Reaver's god-machines, but in more than one battle, the monsters proved capable of stalling the Reavers, or diverting them long enough for humans to escape. Ravisha typically uses the Kaiju and the Patrollers to prevent the Reavers from claiming the resources or some device that would allow them to break free of Earth, or launch a major offensive against the Lunar Garrison.

To this end, Ravisha has a number of dormant Kaiju buried in the lunar rubble, for the doomsday scenario of the Reavers actually making it to the Garrison, but it is assumed that if the Reavers make it to the Moon, the Garrison forces will scatter to hold outs in the outer solar system and send word of their defeat to their Galaxy Commander, and hope that word reaches him in time.

He is an arrogant alien and largely dismisses the danger of the Reavers.

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