After being cast away from the Elven traditions, the Medusa also abandoned worship of the Elven gods. In bitterness, they had forsaken religion altogether, and they remained that way for many long years. It took an event that they simply couldn't ignore in order for them to find a reason to worship again. One day, without warning, a number of the more spiritually inclined of the Medusa had their petrifying gaze augmented. No longer did it turn creatures into stone, but Metal, crystal and other such substances. Another portion of the Medusa completely lost their normal eyesight, and with it their deadly gaze, but in exchange gained the ability to 'see' magic.

Through these 'prophets', the newborn goddesses of the Medusan race were discovered.

Amarane, who embodies patience, thought and magic. Hers are the blind, the ones granted new sight. Pursuers of knowledge are her children, regardless of what form that knowledge may take. Her priestesses believe that it is better to help people improve themselves rather than solve their problem temporarily using magic that, while effective, wouldn't be understood and would eventually fail and leave those helped in a worse position than before. Those who worship her blindfold themselves, forever forsaking sight. The truly faithful are rewarded with the ability to see magic, through earth and stone and lead. A rare few are able to see other things instead, of these the most common (though still exceedingly rare) is blood. When her followers choose the path of violence, they usually use a three-part staff. Worthy of note are the books of her followers, most of them scribed not with ink but instead with magic, resulting in blank pages to the naked eye, but to those who can see magic, arcane Medusan script.

Gethserath, who is mad passions unleashed. She is fickle, and prone to both amazing acts of generosity and punishments so cruel that some demons stand in awe. Her rewards and punishments are often lacking any kind of proportion to the deed that earned them, just as likely granting a kind farmer a dragon's fortune as punishing a violent despot by cursing him to have a cut on his tongue that simply will not heal. Her most devout worshipers have their petrifying gaze augmented to turn those affected not into simple granite, but more valuable and useful materials. Her more combat-inclined followers have a tendency to use whatever is at hand, reveling in the unpredictability this brings to the already unpredictable.

Though new, the twin goddesses are of respectable might and trying to expand the number of their faithful. To this end, the followers of Amarane, having given up their killing gaze, occasionally head up missionary excursions.
The current goal of the goddesses is a holy war against the Yuan-ti. Though it meant their eventual creation, the snakemen are responsible for an enormous amount of suffering amongst the Medusan race, and their goddesses know their anger.

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