'Low the misted hilltop chapel
a bucolic valley town,
of impassive descendants
from judgment old laid down.

Child of the chapel
and betrayed by angels fair,
she summoned forth hell's legion
'stead to root out evil's lair.

The clergy unable to reconcile
good done by evil's hand
turned upon their own;
a siege she would withstand.

Her infernal servant fond,
swore to guard 'til death,
but unable to look inside
would not see her final breath.

Shattering the midnight fog
a thunder from the still,
the mists they walk,
no townsmen talk,
of the deamon who guards the hill.

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? Quest

First Ever Art Quest!

The streets are alive with talk of all the bards visiting the Citadel this month. Rumor has it that Jack Holliday has a piece of art that is being displayed and the person that can weave the most entertaining story will earn the praise of the Strolenati and prizes beyond description (custom Strolen Dice!).

All are welcome to participate and the top two submissions, that earn the most XP, will earn the top spots.

If there are 10 or most submissions, we will go to a round two where another picture will be offered. During round two, any submission from the first round (doesn't have to be your submission) must be weaved together and continue the story with the new piece of artwork.

Wnner of the second round will be the cumulative XP for their highest first submission and their highest second round.

Multiple submissions are welcome, but only the highest will count towards XP counting.

Second round, top two will also get dice.

For the overall winner (if we go two rounds), I will ask Jack Holliday to illustrate a submission of your choice!

See a Higher Resolution.

? Community Contributions (1)-1

Some thoughts for GMs:

1. What are the townsfolk like? They are several generations in to having the 'good' and 'evil' among them be singled out for death by the demon, but their ancestors were unable to return without completing their mission. I imagine a steadfast people, friendly enough but they try to shoo strangers out of town for their own safety. They can vary from lawful to chaotic, so how does this change aspects like crime?

2. The players are capable of learning and deciphering the poem. They can rid the town of the demon by giving him closure, by proving that his mistress is dead and releasing him from his vows. Is this the right thing to do? They are actively helping an evil creature, and possibly releasing him into the world. On the other hand, it is a good thing to do for both the demon and the town.


1. A local lord wants to lay claim to the town to establish a trading route, but all of his emissaries keep disappearing. You are the last resort before he declares war.

2. You are caught in a violent storm and seek shelter in a small chapel upon the hill just before sundown. As you look out the window you see the storm is subsiding and the mist rising, but you can still hear thunder. As the demon's shadow falls over you you realize that you will not be leaving this place. Not unless you can unravel its secret.

3. Some folks at an inn are calling for a strange ballad the bard has not heard of. They are shady travelers from a small town not too far away, and vicious rumors about them fill the tavern.

4. A cleric and dear friend has been given a sacred quest to defeat the demon, and most likely get himself killed. You must either stand in his way or conquer the demon before he does.