The plan of the castle is a quadrangle with accommodation along each side and a tower at each corner. The towers are five stories tall, while the walls and their interiors are only four. The stone work is not too thick and made of grey granite.

Each wall is expanded out, to include living and storage areas. Each wall's interior has a single long hallway. Each room in the wall interior is between the hallway and the courtyard. The exception to this plan is the second floor on the north wall, which is the Grand Hall.

There is only one entry into the courtyard, and that is through a vaulted passage with a portcullis at each end. Inside the courtyard are five identical doorways, each protected by its own portcullis, effectively trapping any attackers who made it into the courtyard. There are small windows that face the courtyard.

It is manned by the First Minister's Men. These are not your normal rabble, semi-permanent mercenaries that the make up most of the army. These consider themselves the Crown's men. They are loyal and they are dedicated. They have the distinctive red coats of the Crown's castle guard. They are not as 'spiffy' as the Castle Guard, but they are not as concerned with appearance.

The 'Guests of the First Minister', euphemism for prisoner of the crowns, are treated according to their station. The Guests are usually noble, knighted, or upper class. Most of their rooms are in the tower chambers, where each will have a suite and a very petite staff. They generally are kept separate, but 'visits' between them are often allowed, and 'occasions' for holidays and such are also done. The guards are professional, discrete, and omni-present. They are always 'just outside the room' or in the corners.

The Guests of the First Minister have been brought here for a variety of reasons. Some have committed treason, some are hostages, other have violated other more common laws, but can not be held in a common prison. Every now and again, someone who is inconvenient to the First Minister finds themselves here. (He occasionally does favors for the Temples as well).

The only non-upper class prisoner here is a scoundrel thief that has escaped from every other prison. Because he is being held for ecumenical charges, he can not be killed. He is delighted in being kept and treated as a minor noble. He may never try to escape.

There are no outside visitors without the minister's word. In the history of the castle, it has been besieged by a noble's men (for the purpose of freeing a prisoner) twice. Both times the Army came in and sorted it out.

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