We all take them for granted. They're part of our daily lives. They are often the first thing we interact with when we wake, and something we check every night before we sleep. But what can the creative person do with a door? Well, if you have a ridiculously strong friend rip one out and carry it on an adventure for a few weeks, you'll discover at least a few uses. And if that friend knows a wizard who enjoys putting everything into bags, well you can be sure a bag of doors is soon to follow.

Though the name of the original door wielder was lost to the ages, the Bag Wizard was an eclectic mage that has become a myth, with charlatans in every city claiming to have several of his bags for sale, or impersonating the legend himself. However it came to pass, his Bag of Doors is an item that has been confirmed as one of his creations. A kind of cross breed between a bag of holding and a bag of tricks, the person in need of a door reaches in and grasps the plank inside, then pulls a door out. Each door lasts a day before vanishing, presumably returning to the bag, and the bag can only be used once per day. There have been several types of doors that have been documented, although the actual bags whereabouts are a mystery.

1: The peep-hole. This is an ordinary looking wooden door, with brass hinges off the side, a brass lock and lever style handle inset, and a small hinged shutter set eye level to the user in the center line of the door. With the command "Stay", the door will fling its hinges against the surface it's pressed against and fix in place, requiring a great amount of force to pry away. The lock can be used to lock the door in place and the key is on the side facing the user. The command "Here" uttered by the user will allow the hinges to break free of their grasp and return the door to a portable state.

2: The drawbridge. This door is made of a thick, iron shod oak, and is one of the largest doors, measuring around 8 feet tall and half as wide. It is quite heavy and has no handles or hinges, but can be commanded like most other doors. If set upright on the ground and commanded "Down", the edge on the ground becomes a fulcrum and the door rushes away from the user to swing down untill it contacts another solid mass and become a bridge. The command "Up" will bring the drawbridge back upright, but it will not release its purchase without the command "Come".

3: The white door. This door is made of a smooth and pale pine with round poles carved into its wood where hinges would normally go, and the poles are mirrored on each side. While it can be used as a door by lashing it through the openings by the poles, it is often used as a stretcher, and that appears to have been it's intention, as the occupant being borne on the door suffers no further effects from his wounds and his pain is lessened. The wounds still exist and need to be tended to, but the door affords the occupant some more time to find that help.

4: The golden door. A thin gleaming sheet of gold with runes carved into it and filled with an unknown light blue rocklike substance, this door is one frequently sought after. Any metal or gem placed on it clings to door and any other material already stuck to the door as if they all were magnetized. Further, previously mentioned clinging objects have no apparent weight while stuck to the door and can be moved about using the door as a litter with great ease.

5: The door home. This door appears as the users door to their place of residence. It will fix itself in place without a command on any horizontal or vertical surface of proper orientation, and if opened, will allow any that travel through it to travel to the users place of residence, regardless of distance, or plane. Legend had it the bag of doors, however, will not pass through the door home, and this leads credence to the sometimes resurfacing of the bag of doors as adventurers come back from strange locations.

Other doors may exist and have yet to be chronicled, but all agree that the ones that are known about are amazing and powerful, and forever change those around the bag of doors, making them never look the same way at any door again.

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