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In it’s ‘stowed’ state, the NC-3000 appears to be a single, round polymer dowel, approximately two feet long, in the customer’s choice of color.

At the sound of a voice keyed command word, the NC-3000 will deploy to less-than-lethal combat mode, in which the NC-3000 splits into two pieces joined by what appears to be a thick cord, an ultra-modern version of the traditional Okinawan nunchaku. In the hands of the trained individual, the weapon can be a fierce tool for striking, however, it excels primarily at trapping and binding the enemy, a weapon best used at less-than-arms-length.

Meanwhile, a second voice keyed command will cause the thicker cord to retract into one of the arms, revealing it to be a protective sheath for the primary cord, an ultra-thin strand of fullerene wire. While not quite a true monomolecular cord, while in this lethal combat mode, the previous traps, chokes, and binds of the original fighting art become readily capable of removing even armored limbs with distressing ease. While it does not have the killing range of the traditional monofilament 'whip', it is a far safer weapon with even the tiniest amount of real training.

The product of a burst of fiendish imagination on the part of a police officer training in the human’s ancient combat arts, the NC-3000 rapidly fed off of one of the occasional ninja crazes that plague the fighting arts, leading to several hundred accidental deaths. While it remains in low production, AtomForce was very nearly ruined by the ensuing lawsuits, and will only sell it direct to various enforcement agencies and to professional mercenaries, who really ought to know better. Training with the weapon is difficult, and it is considered an exotic weapon by most in the know.

Spawned by a discussion with Manfred, a tangent to his idea.

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