The firelight flickered across the walls of the underground lair, home to the necromancer known as Ghavanas. Bodies were strewn all around the ground, their innards open for all to see. Here and there, if one looked closely, one would see that each body was missing a bone.

The words of ancient power flowed from his lips, calling forth the spirits held captive within the glass orb in his hand. As the mutters grew louder and more urgent, the wails of the bound souls became unbearably loud, then suddenly stopped, the sources of the wails having been bound within the set of armour lying on the table in front of Ghavanas.

It was an exquisite piece of art, the result of hours and hours of laborous hunting and spellcrafting. The bones from the bodies had been crafted into the making of the chestpiece, giving it the appearance of a set of ribs open to the air. This was the culmination of his life's work, and he was sure it would make him a living god among men.

Magical Properties:

Much to Ghavanas' chagrin, the armour does /not/ have the ability to make one a god amongst men, but instead is cursed, the result of his binding the captured souls unwillingly into the armour. The armour is actually quite effective at blocking most normal attacks, but instead of protecting the wearer from all attacks, magical and mundane, the spirits within the metal actually lower the wearer's natural arcane defenses, doubling the effects of all harmful spells against him. The armor is also unable to be removed from the wearer by any normal means, though divine help might allow it to be removed.

The non-magical effects include not being able to sleep due to the wearing of heavy armour, and being just plain exhausted from wearing full armour all the time (Not to mention the looks people will give you for walking around with necromancer armour on).

Creator's Note: This item is intended to be a cursed item for characters who are getting a bit too big for their britches. A bit nasty in it's effects? Yeah, but that was the idea. Also, it opens up some storylines as to how the poor fool is going to get the armour off. Enjoy, because your players won't!

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