There are no distinguishing marks or designs on the armor. It is just very well made but one wouldn't know that at a glance. If stacked with other armor it would blend right in. Its metal takes on a silvery glow when it has an absorbed spell in it, which would then make it very noticeable. Otherwise it looks like just any armor.

The armor was originally owned by a poor knight named Huran from a little known province. It was simple yet strong and served him well. He was a traveling knight and served the king wherever he may be needed. During on such battle this selfless knight saved one of the kings cousins by throwing himself in front of him protecting him from a blow that may have killed him. The expert craftmenship of the armor deflected the blow well and Huran survived without severe injury. For a reward the king had his armor enspelled as it is today.

Huran died of old age with no offspring. The armor that served him well was kept close and during his last hours he bid his men to bring it to him. There he carressed the armor and gave it to his most trusted friend with these instructions:

'Give this only to one that is worthy, one that will use it well and not abuse the gift. If any is not worthy may they be struck down by the hand of nature when they need the armors protection the most.'

Magical Properties:
While charged with any spell, the Armor of Huran can resize itself to fit any person between 4' and 7'.

It can also not be tarnished or scratched when it is holding a spell but it loses some protection ability while charged. How much is up to the game master but it should be enough to force the player to want to cast the spell to get his armor back to full strength. The armor can be very powerful depending on the spell it catches, but once it has a spell all other spells affect the wearer normally.
While uncharged it maintains full armor protection.

The wearer must have a sword to direct the magic. He directs the magic by pointing his sword and saying a power word that changes every time a spell is absorbed. The armor tells his subconscious so the wearer 'just knows' what to say.

If an evil aligned character uses it they will be struck by lightning during a fight and any hit during that round will be a free critical hit.

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