Sword of Huran

A Sword of Huran can look like almost any blade, as each is crafted by the mage that will use it. It is typically a stubby-looking gladius , with a a steel crescent attached to the end of the hilt. When properly charged, the sword takes on a silvery glow. Which marks it as something special and certainly magical.

Dren's Story

After Huran died, he handed his armor to the man who was his best friend and, some whisper, lover. Another knight, by the name of Dren, who served alongside Huran.

He quietly spoke these words, upon his death bed: “Give this only to one that is worthy, one that will use it well and not abuse the gift. If any is not worthy may they be struck down by the hand of nature when they need the armors protection the most.” Dren vowed to do so, and set off in search of such a worthy being. He travelled far and wide, in search of the worthy one that Huran spoke of.

In Dren's journey, he found himself making friends everywhere he went. And, thought he was old and retired, he helped the good people of the world fight back the forces of the night. Always carrying the armor, for he was secretly loathe to let it go.

When the time came to fight the evil magician, Hek, Dren finally decided to don the armor himself, and to fight Hek to the death. A epic battle ensued in the middle of a small town, Hek flinging spell after spell at Dren, and Dren, in turn, launching them from his sword thanks to the power of the armor.

Dren eventually downed the evil magician, but he fled in terror of the sword that reflected all of his spells. Dren then fell to the ground and said "I am glad... I could be worthy... of your-" The last word faded into silence and none can recall what it was. But a great monument was erected to Dren and Huran in the village square. Huran was said to be a brave and noble knight who gifted Dren the strength to push back the evil wizard with a magical sword.

The Conclusion

Huran's Sword is a name that Mages of The Spellsword give to their weapons, in honor of that bold knight. Sometimes they enchant it with the same simple properties as the armor, as to better defend themselves against rivals.

None now know what has become of the Armor of Huran. It is believed to be buried beneath the statue in the Tomb of Dren. After the battle, many children were name Dren, and a few after Huran. Eventually, another named Dren would finally kill the evil magician Hek. With a powerful sword of anti-magic.

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