Full Item Description
This is a tripod-mounted camera of the olden type, handheld flash bulb and all. It seems to have seen much use, and the original owner was known to be an avid photographer.

Every evil cultist knows that humans provide the best sacrifice to evil gods and rituals, but kidnapping isn't always the easiest thing to do. Often the victim will struggle, and might even kill themself once captured if they get wind of what use their body will be put to.

Humans also make for the best servants, but finding those who would willingly serve the forces of darkness as a mere platter-holder is another arduous task. One cultist, a famous photographer, decided to solve both problems in one fell swoop, in an ingenious and subtle way. He was eventually captured and executed, but this camera survives him.

Magic Properties
This camera and it's plates are enchanted to trap the soul of the subject within the image plate. The plate itself must be handled carefully, because touching it to bare skin will allow the soul to escape the volatile enchantment within the plate and attempt to displace the toucher's soul.

A person who's soul has been captured this way is uncreative and a bit listless. Because the body is still linked to the soul, if they are idle, they will always end up staring in the direction that their soul-plate lies. If a plate is destroyed with a soul in it, the soul is released and must find it's way back to it's body within a weeks time, or the body will wither and fade away, leaving them as a wandering ghost.

They are also extremely susceptible to suggestion, making them easily commanded servants. Being so amiable to suggestion allows the cultist to have the target meet at a prearranged time and location where they can be reunited with their soul and sacrificed with a minimum of fuss.

Some of the more twisted might consider taking them to bed, but such persons make mediocre lovers at best.

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