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Amecylia is a water loving plant that can be found in slow moving water such as small ponds and harbored parts of larger lakes. The plant grows mostly beneath the surface of the water, having long stems and strong roots. The bulb like root can be pulled up and if cooked long enough, can be eaten. The blossom of Amecylia is the most visible and valued part of the plant. Resembling a rose, the blossom if handled roughly comes apart into many individual red petals. Each petal holds a seed in it's base. A wave can break a flower and carry these seed sails well away from the mother plant.

Aqua Amecylia
If steeped in hot water, Amecylia makes for a strong if unpleasant tasting tea. This tea is a good cure all for stomach and digestive ills and has been given to women with menstrual pains and disagreable temperament. The second, more scandalous use of the Aqua Amecylia is to make a hot bath and scatter the petals of at least three large blossoms into the water and let it steep. Once the bath water is light pink, a woman can bath in it. This bath is known to restore the physical aspect of virginity.

In some areas, Amecylia is clear cut and weeded out like a pest. Strong church areas will make regular efforts to burn out the whore's weed, and assert that prayer is the best cure for the menses, and marriage is the only cure for virginity.

The Amecylia blossom can be used as a spell component for spells that deal with love, divining marriage, and easing pain. Oddly, this pain relief only works for women. A man who drinks the pink tea gains nothing more than a rumbling belly and a touch of gas.

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