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Agnoscite is a pearly white material that has a low hardness score and behaves similar to mother of pearl. This material is very rare and is occassionally found in the ruins of old churches or in nodules in cemetaries. It is found in clusters of stony buds or polyps that many people think looks like a pile of large teeth. Like ivory or mother of pearl it can be carved, or used in inays for more durable goods, but it is too soft and brittle to be used as any sort of weapon and certainly not any type of armor.

According to the myths of the Via Mortus agnoscite comes from two sources. The more common agnoscite is said to be formed from the particulate generated by hypocrites, false prophets and those unmoved by piety and faith, who yet go through the motions. This is the sort found in the ruins of churches and in old graveyards where crocodile tears and shed and pretenders lead flocks of faithless masquerading as the faithful. A few antique references call the material Heartstone as in older times it was thought that the material was accumulated within the heart of a living creature much like the oyster’s pearl.

The more rare and slightly more durable form of agnoscite is said to be fragmentary remains of Atma’s corporeal form destroyed several millenia ago. Atma was accorded to be the World Demon and played the position of primary antagonist in the quasi-Buddhist Vedas of the primitive Ozian peoples.

This material is very rare regardless of it’s various attributed sources, easily on par with tassite harvested from exposed clathrates. There are currently no veins, or mines of the material, and the entire supply in the world might be a few pounds at the most. This is primarily found in the form of carved trinkets, amulets, and innocuous items like being set in rings, necklaces, and the like. About once a century or so a new supply of the material is found, much to the displeasure of the mother church.

Magic/Cursed Properties
Agnoscite has the unique power of completely negating all clerical orisons, prayers, miracles and other works of magic done by divine spellcasters. This has no effect or protection against arcane sorcery, nor does it impede the function of traditional magic items unless they are implicitly divine in nature. If a piece of agnoscite is carried, the carrier literally becomes invisible to the gods, and by proxy, by demons and the like as well.

Sample Items
The Amulet of the Minister of Errors - The most common of the agnoscite trinkets, if such items can be considered common, this amulet is carved from a single piece and hung on a necklace. Often in the form of a heretic saint, or notable sorcerer of old, this amulet protects the wearer from clerical spells.

The Manacles of Perdition - A matched pair of black iron manacles, each set with a small stone, these can be used to take a priest into captivity without fear of him using divine spells. The manacles even prevent the cleric from praying to his chosen diety. A unique item, the church would very much love to find and have these destroyed.

The Hypocrit Sword - Also a unique item, this is a masterwork sword crafted for the church and enchanced with arcane magics. It has a large piece of agnoscite in the pommel of the weapon which renders the weapon and the wielder immune to demonic and clerical powers. This item was carried by Jude, the companion of St. Duncan, who was often defending the exorcist from demons and their ilk, who are all too often immune to things like iron.

Plot Hooks
Found! - A large cluster of agnoscite nodules have been found in a backwater community. While it might be their clerical duty to see the material consigned to hammers and smelting fires, the villagers are tihnking of selling the lump to the highest bidder. Various agents have been around, and the PCs have been sent by an agency to purchase/destroy the material, or find out who does get it if they fail.

Lost! - an agnoscite relic has been lost from it’s coffer or treasury. The Church has sent agents to recover and destroy the relic if possible while others are looking to recover it for the reward, or for their own masters. A game of cat and mouse ensues as the dingus passes from hand to hand. Even better if the initial thief is ignorant of the prize he carries.

The Inquisition - The PCs often frequent the hallowed halls of the faith, and xould quite by accident discover nodules cof the material during one of their forays into the catacombs. Is this a remnant from an elder time when the church went through a dangerous schism, or is it a signal of a far worse and secular cancer within the heart of the faith.

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