'MINE!!!!' thundered the demon as he caught site of the chests of gold coins. With a gesture of his hand the chests rose, sundering the enchantments which held them down and drew them towards him. As they flew, other enchantments placed to prevent this very thing from happening failed and dissipated. The trice ensorceled locks vanished into vapour and the chests opened. The coins flew out like a geyser of water, and the chests dropped to the floor. The gold continued on to arc into the vile creature's open treasure sack.

The Diabolist stood there in shock. That gold represented a sum sufficient to save thousands from starvation, or field an army, and now it was gone before a price could be settled. What did he have left to offer a Demon?

Full Description

In his full demonic form, Aarvachi appears to be a scarlet-skinned ogre with a disproportionaly large head, dinner plate eyes, and great, grasping hands. From his mouth protrude irregular, partly rotten fangs. Over his shoulder he carries an unbelievably large,over-full sack with many chests as well as diminutive humanoid figures chained to the outside of it. The figures appear to be struggling fruitlessly to escape the bonds.

In his human form, he appears generally as a cadaverously thin merchant dressed according to local culture, but in slightly ragged clothing which looks like grave-goods.
Again, the eyes are overlarge, but not beyond normal human variation.

If an animal form is necessary, he will assume the form of a large raven or crow.

Aarvachi's sole driving factor is Greed, even over spreading evil for evil's sake.
Given a choice between devouring the good or grabbing some copper, he will always choose wealth.

It is this pursuit that makes this Demon more useful to Diabolists then others. He can be paid for tasks, though the price is always much more then would be considered fair.

The Demon is very old and has a great deal of knowledge in many areas, including history, economics, magic and about his fellow demons. He enjoys tasks which provide the ability to obtain plunder (wealth & souls), the darker the better. If summoned for manual labor or item construction (it does happen - demons are spectacularly strong and many are quite good craftsmen), his price will be even more extreme.

He is ruled by greed and so when summoned, the summoner must take care not to have the payment visible to the demon before a deal is struck. Otherwise, the demon is likely to help himself to the payment before discussing terms, leaving the unfortunate Diabolist with little to offer. In addition to material wealth (subject to the location and culture where the Demon has been summoned - he will find anything valuable if mortals think so...) he will accept Souls as payment for tasks. He will not defer collection - payment must be made immediately upon the completion of the deal. He will usually hold to the terms of the agreement, twisting the words of the deal to suit himself if possible.

Additional Information

In combat, the demon uses the sack as a weapon -it is capable of inflicting terrible damage.

He also has a brutally strong telekinesis ability that also has a powerful anti-magic effect, doubly so against defensive or warding magic.

His eyes have the power to see wealth through all but the most powerful magics and materials, making it difficult to hide treasure from him.

He is also an accomplished spellcaster, with knowledge in the areas of Elemental Earth and Fire, always with a dark taint to them.

Like most demons, fire, poison and acid do not harm him.

His sack is magical and can contain much more then it's volume would suggest. If the demon is slain, the chest will remain only a short interval before disappearing with all of its contents. As it starts to fade, any looting it may have their willpower challenged to let go. Those who either choose not to let go, or fail to be able to, are drawn with the sack back to the nether regions that spawned him.

Any contents separated from the sack are exempt from the effect. The sack itself is virtually indestructible and unlikely to be severely damaged in the interval between Aarvachi's demise/defeat and its own disappearance.